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Thursday, January 04, 2007

British Royalty

These were amazing presents from our dear friends T and J. We
had lunch with them on New Year's Eve. We had so much
fun catching up and laughing. We met at one of our
favorite restaurants, The Chop House. Great food and
great conversation is just the best combo isn't it? Well,
T knows me so well! She had
been looking for British Royalty items for awhile and
gifted me with these treasures!
I have a small collection of British Royal
memorabilia which I love!
I never pay too much for any of it and nothing is probably
worth a whole heck of a lot. But you know? That is the fun
of it and it all means a lot to me. It all started with a Diana and
Charles wedding mug that my wonderful friend in
England sent me years ago....
I know, it seems like a silly thing to collect no? Still,
I have found so many who do. Really!
For some odd reason, I have always found the royal family fascinating. For all their strange proclivity towards unseamly behaviours and serial dysfunction, they are
an interesting lot. Well, perhaps just to me but still...till next time...
Suzie Q

1 comment:

Brown English Muffin said...

If it had been a few years ago I would have laughed at the Diana and Charles coffee mug comment.

But now that dear Di is gone a mug like that seems all the more special!!!


P.S. I wish I'd known you were into British mother bought some cookies for my cousin from Harrods I believe the tin is quite cute. I told my cousin many times to come pick it up or I come to her but she never replied...I finally said to heck with trying to be nice and I opened them and started eating them!!! LOL