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Thursday, January 18, 2007

5 Weird Things About Sue

I have been tagged by dear Cindy on her lovely blog! I can't sleep anyhoo so why not give it a go!
Boy, I am sure all of you are thinking, "How could Sue find 5 things that are weird about herself? She is so sane and, well, as normal as All American apple pie!" No? That's NOT what you are saying? Oh, my hearing t'ain't what it used to be....yeah. What you actually said was, "How can Sue possibly narrow it down to *5* things about herself that are weird? That would be an insurmountable task!" Okay, thanks a lot. Still, I think I am up to this, let's see. What 5 odd things about myself can I discuss? Not that. Well....not that either. Or that. Maybe that? Noooo....okay. I think I have it....
1. I am in love with Brian Dennehy. There, I said it out loud. I am. I have been for 30 years. Really. Bill knows all about it and is quite okay with it. Just ask him. I guess he knows it is really HIM, Bill, that I love but still....
I have followed Brian's life and career, both the upsidaisies AND the downsydoodles of it all, for so long that I could write the biography without doing any further research. I know I am goofy and weird about it but there it is. You should see my collection of memorabilia sometime....when you have a week or two.
2. I can not sleep in total darkness. I am terribly uncomfortable if there is not a light on, of some sort, somewhere. Total darkness gives me a major case of the willies. And no, not the *willies* as in *Willy* Loman, a character Brian Dennehy played to Tony Award winning perfection on Broadway. Yeah, yeah....enough with the Dennehy shtick Sue.
3. I talk to inanimate objects. Yep. Chairs, refrigerators, lamps, dishes, you name it. My family accepts this as just one of my terribly attractive little quirks. Huh? You heard them say what? NOT so attractive? Really gosh darned cute? No? Okaaaaayyyy but I did NOT say those inanimate objects talked back did I? At least, not yet....soooo....let's move on to #4.
4. I carry on deliciously long and soul barring conversations with animals. I can't do that with those inanimate objects you know, that would be just plain silly. But with just makes sense. They listen. Okay, not always but usually. I have worked out many a problem or come to many a big decision by talking it over with an animal. And no, I am NOT referring to Brian Dennehy thank you very much.
5. I watch films and movies as much for the decorating ideas as for the plot!
I can tell you all about the houses and cottages and apartments and, well, you get the idea, in which movie characters live. It's true. I am always intensely scanning the sets and looking at the furniture, window treatments, table top accessories....I even check out the names of the set decorators in the credits! Well, unless it is a Brian Dennehy movie....then I look at something else entirely.
So, now that you know these 5 weird (But oddly
engrossing and sweetly coquettish) things
about me, will you still come for visits? I sure hope so!
Suzie Q


Valerie said...

oh girlie, if those are the "weirdest" things about you, i ain't afraid. i'll come a-calling at the cottage anytime!!
(besides, i still love Donny Osmond the way you love Brian!!)

AC said...

Thanks for the visit to my page! Now that you post that photograph of Brian, I see the attraction. He has aged quite well, and looks different than I remember!

I read through a few of your latest posts and was most taken with your tribute to Bill. My dad was stationed at the Pensacola Navy Base (but in WWII).

Love a man in uniform.

Jen said...

I sure will come for so crack me up!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I swear your sense of humor is so infectious (and no I don't mean the kind where an antibiotic is warranted). I have never known anyone who was an ardent fan of Brian(not that I know anyone who doesn't like him). I think it's kind of cool that you have kept up this way - and've never met? I will also say I am the same about set decoration...truly I am. (oh and when driving in the evening I love it if a house has blinds/curtains open so I can see how they decorated.(driving by, NOT walking up and peering in mind you).
And the talking to objects...have you seen the movie Shirley Valentine?
I don't normally do memes but since I don't have much to post I may do this one today.
ok, this comment long enough?

Brown English Muffin said...

Wow if I get tagged with this one I will have to change it from 5 weird things to 50 weird things and I know no one will read it and if they do make it to 49 or 50 they will never come back to my blog again.

So by the way I used to have long at length conversations with my cat as well...I also have long at length conversations with myself in my head...I know I need to go and get this one check out!! LOL

Anyway my dear you have been tagged again!!! click here for my first challenege of 07!

Melissa said...

I have to say - I've read LOTS of tag posts in my time, but these have to be some of the most creative answers!

Leona said...

Your blog is just so cute and you make me laugh! I love your blog

RoseMary said...

Hi Suzie--enjoyed your 5 weird things! We have a lot in common. I really do think animals understand and empathize--and if they're ours, they surely agree with us! (They know which side of their bread is buttered and who puts it on there.)

Love your blog--thanks for visiting mine.