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Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sweet Busy-Ness Of Life In The Winter

Once again my mistreated blog has been forgotten and put aside...but I
do think about all of you often and miss you when I am unable to stop in
for a visit! Winter used to be a time when I spent
 more time INside but these days
that is not the case!

We have been busy this Winter with Grace and her school's Ski Club.
Before January my daughter had never been on skis but you should see her now!
I am so proud of how she is not afraid to try new things!

In fact, just this past weekend she took a cake class at 
Cake, Hope and Love, a fantastic
local bakery!

She was the youngest in the class and did such a good job!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year in style once again! 
We took a small group of dear friends to one of our favorite places
and indulged in some of our favorite dishes!

Bill and I have also enjoyed some fun evenings out. Last weekend we 
dined at De'Lish, one of our favorite spots in downtown Dayton. How about this?

Rosemary encrusted, chargrilled lamb chops drizzled with a Red wine,
 mint infused demi glace served with a Creamy Risotto studded with corn kernels 
and a sautéed medley of julienned zucchini, squash and carrots. Sound good? It was!

After dinner we headed across the street to see the 
The Human Race Theater Company's production of "Lombardi" 
at the Loft Theater.

It was nothing short of amazing!

The next day we headed up to Columbus to see The Who in concert!
Our creaky knees reminded us we weren't quite the same as 
we were the last time we saw them perform but they still sounded great and 
proved you are never too old to rock and roll!

I also had the pleasure of shooting my first maternity session!
 We had so much fun and their precious daughter is
due very soon! I can not wait to meet her!

Since our son moved to Michigan to work for IBM, he gets home about once a month.
He was here just before Valentine's Day so we went to one of his favorite restaurants, 
Kabuki, to celebrate a wee bit early. Is there any thing better than having
all of your family together? Nope!

Their plates are small works of art!

On Valentine's Day Bill treated me, Grace, my Mom
 and one of my oldest friends, Terri, to
dinner at Savona. 

I had the Caesar Salad and Angus Rib-eye with  Blue cheese compound butter, 
Yukon  Gold potatoes and Cajun onions...yummy!

Our Winston has enjoyed the little bit of snow we have
 had lately. As odd as it may sound to some,
our family loves snow! We all do the happy dance each time the
 wet, white stuff is in the forecast!

Of course, after being out in the cold all day, sitting by the fire with a cup 
of hot chocolate or mulled wine is definitely one of the sweet things about Winter!

Just a quick peek at what is keeping me busy and, mostly, out of trouble
lately! I hope you are all doing well, staying warm and enjoying 
the sweetness that life brings us even on the
dreariest Winter day!

Susie Q

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


March will be here before we know it and I am challenging you
 to do a *first* each month! You know, like trying a new drink,
 food or restaurant! Or start really small and buy a new kind of soap, shampoo 
or dish cleaner. Small changes can pave the way for bigger ones!

All of us have probably celebrated *firsts* in the lives of children we love. 
First steps, first words, first holidays, birthdays, tooth and 
day of school. But why stop in childhood? All firsts can be celebrated and 
add something exciting to our everyday lives!
  Stop into a store you have to visit and try on clothes
 that represent the new YOU!
Schedule a hot air balloon ride.
See a film or play from a genre you didn't think you would enjoy. 
Take a “do-it-yourself” class at Lowe’s or Home Depot and
 learn how to lay ceramic tile, repair a leaky faucet, 
or give your bathroom a fresh coat of paint.
Listen to music by performers you have never experienced.  
Expand your horizons!
Plan a trip to a place you have never been. 
Step outside of your comfort zone and you just might find you like it! 
Try a new hobby. You never know where it will take you. 
All of us are getting older and, if we are really lucky we will get old.
 Elderly. Ancient. Why get that way predictably?
 Nope, let's do it with flair. I am game. How about you?

Susie Q