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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn At Rabbit Run Cottage

I bet you recognized our home by the front door basket! I had already
posted it hadn't I? I was just so excited about October's impending arrival that
I had to share just a few decorations earlier!
But now Rhoda's party is in full swing! Wow!
Uh huh. And I already shared this dining room centerpiece with you last week...
and are we ever enjoying it! Remember the precious painted
tray that I received from Robin ?
It truly IS the jewel in our 2009 Fall decor!
But another jewel at any time of year is our cottage's mascot, Miss Harvena Norbert Burns! Here she is all decked out and ready for Halloween! I haven't done a lot of Halloween fluffing quite yet and Harvena is miffed beyond words! I will get to it Harve old girl! Nobody likes a pushy rabbit!
Why even her best friend, Benjamin P. Bunny, is ready!
Benji? I hope your little pumpkin is overflowing with goodies soon!

Well! Where are my manners?
Welcome to our home, Rabbit Run Cottage!
It's just a little place in Ohio,
nothing too fancy, but we hope it's warm and welcoming.
We are just so happy you are here!
October has finally arrived!
I am just so excited and I hope your are as well.
Every season has it's own particular magic but the Autumn
has always been my favorite.
Chili simmering on the stove, bread baking in the oven...
Pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, fragrant mums in pots by the door.
Woolly sweaters and cozy denim jackets, there is a chill in the air!
Reading an old favorite book by a crackling fire and listening to the
wind whistle at the window.
The laughter of children as they scamper down the sidewalk calling, "Trick or Treat!"
Yes, Autumn is finally here!
Ooh but it's brisk outside. I am so glad you are inside where it's warm!
Would you like to take a peek at some of the seasonal decorating around the cottage?
Our foyer is tiny but cozy...let's hang up your jacket!
A closer peek at the decor...
In the living room I added a paisley shawl, in the rich colors of fall, to a round, skirted table.
Go ahead and take a look at the little treasures on top!
A little blown glass scarecrow...
Uh huh. That IS a turkey! I know it is only October but I LOVE
turkeys and they just say Fall to me!
Our fireplace is all dressed in it's October finery...
Take a closer look!
Go ahead! Step closer!
In the Fall I pull out the transfer ware in browns...I love each piece.
And look! There is a squirrel looking for acorns! He is a wonderful collectible, picked up at Tuesday Morning last Spring! He was quite inexpensive as he had been a *left over* from the Fall/Winter. Lucky me huh?
This sweet transfer ware dish was one of my estate sale finds! Sssh...just $2.
Isn't it wonderful?
The window over our kitchen sink is all dressed up too!
And in case you need reminded, the chalkboard let's you know what season it is! Yippee!
I adore this Susan Branch book and don't you love this dear old metal truck?
Especially when it's filled with the perfect Autumn treat! Candy Corn!
I've brought out the gourds and corn to place on the pot rack...
And a sweet little crow is nesting under glass!
Our blogger friend Kathy made him and oh! If you have yet to meet
her, or to see her creations, run over now and say howdy doo!
Uh huh. Another turkey. They are beginning to flock around Rabbit Run in earnest!
Moving into the dining room...gosh. This room is always fun to decorate!
I added some orange twinkling lights and lots of little goodies to the hutch...
And pulled out the old transfer ware turkey plate! That was a happy find when we lived near Tampa a few years ago. I was puttering around a little shop and uncovered it.
The man sold it to me for $7 because it was April and "No one wants a turkey plate in April!" Um...I sure did!
I pulled out a few more plates adorned with turkeys andput them
in place of the white ironstone
plates which usually hang here.
I hope you have enjoyed your little tour around our downstairs..and remember
I told you! Nothing too fancy but I hope it's fun and cozy.
Now! How about some fresh baked pumpkin bread and hot chocolate?
I've got plenty of marshmallows!
Love & Hugs,
Susie Q

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kipper and Kelee

Welcome to Kipper's
Katillac Shack Pet Parade Party
Aren't these face a.door.a.bull dudes?
Hey dude type peeps! It is me, your bud Kipper! I want to tell you about some big doin's over at The Katillak Shack! Miss Kelee and her handsome dog, my bud Oliver, are havin' a parteee.
For everyone who links (whatever that means!) they earn $3 for needy animals and for everyone who comments
over at Kellee's, they get $1! Isn't that cool?
For our part of the celebration, my Mom wanted to show
off some of our favorite pictures from 2009's Dog Nights!
You 'member dudes! My favorite place in the whole
wide world ('Cept for my house and all), Ritters Frozen Custard
has a monthly Dog Night! We dogs get our very own bowl of 'nilla 'scream with a dog bone on top! Is that grrrreat or what? But don't say IS GRRRREAT! I am tellin' ya dudes!
And you all know how my Mom 'barrasses me by takin' so many pitchers and all. She is always takin' pitchers of the dogs and me and all. But everyone seems to like it so I let it slide. I am just that kinda dog and all. I sure am sayin' and all a lot today huh? But I am just SO 'cited!
And here is me, Kipper, at one of the Dog Nights! I always try to wear a stylish scarf to the big doin's at Ritter's!
My peeps expect me to look my best and all dudes.
And here I am wearin' my favorite scarf, the one Miss Kelee sent me. Mom decorated it all up for me and, okay dudes. She is NO seamstress but she sewed on some buttons and ribbon. (Big whoop right?) Then she drew her little heart out. The old lady loves to draw. She knows how fire fightin' is in my blood and Grandpa Frank was a fire fighter and I was born to live in a fire station. But my Mom won't let me 'cause she says it is toooo dangerous for a little dude like me. *sigh* But a fella can dream right?
But I DO love Miss Kelee! So run on over and visit Kelee and her dog, my good buddy Oliver! There will be lots of 'citement over there. Lots of links to other dog peep's blogs and a super video world premiere! The video has all the dogs who wore these nifty scarfs! You know dudes. Like ME! For each doggie wearing a decorated scarf (And yup. There were some cats too!), a donation was made to help animals in need!
So pullleeeeze stop by and see Miss Kelee and Oliver!
Tell 'em that your pal Kipper sent ya!
A word from my Mom:
(If you would like to see where Kip first modeled
his scarf, I featured this picture on this post a little while back...)
Thanks dude type peeps. I will see ya soon.
Ritter's October Dog Night is NEXT week!!
Now, go see Miss Kelee! Pretty pulleeezzzz with 'scream on top?
Luv and Smoochies,