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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boxes Of Appreciation

Okay, I have compiled a small list of our blogging friends who have asked to be included...I went by who had asked for what month first. I hope I have done this correctly! Please let me know if I have done anything wrong! And...JOLENE! We need to know about some of Chad's favorite things or anything you think would please him! We want to send him a BIG smile!
January~ Me
March~ TK Angels
April~ Jafabrit
If anyone else wishes to participate, please just let me or Andi know okay?? Or, just do your own thing and send Chad a note, card, box, letter, smiles and thanks! I am betting he will love it all!
Thank you everyone!!


Andi said...

Yay!!! I get to send a Valentine Box!!!

I'm running by the Post Office today to pick up a flat rate box and start filling it. February will be here very soon!

Everyone should post a picture of their "box preparation".

Have a happy Thursday!


TK Angels said...

March it is for me.

Feel proud to be doing this.


Jolene George said...

I really do hope you all post pictures of your boxes. I don't really know what to send. He likes most everything and is easy to please. He'll be thrilled with anything...honest!

Missy's Blog said...

Sue, I totally can not believe I missed this post ... I would LOVE to send Chad a care package. May I do June or July??