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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Could Really Use That Hug...

Sweet Primroses
Okay. So I opened my big mouth and told all of you about the new job Bill has. Then I told you that I was having *twinges* of doubt and how ashamed I was about that. Well, those *twinges* proved to be correct. The new company called Bill today and said the customer was arguing about the budget so 3 of the positions would not begin straight away. Uh huh. You guessed it. Bill holds one of those positions. The company says they are totally committed to bringing Bill on and that he IS part of the team. They say this happens often and will be taken care of soon. Soon, as in 30-60 days. So, what's another 30-60 days right? Oh please bear with me while I scream. Okay. Did you hear that from where you are? I cried more this afternoon than I have all year. It was like being hit on the back of my head with a shovel, only THIS hurt more. So, how do I not lose faith? How do I hold onto my belief that this will soon be over? I do so believe in the power of prayer and had thought that ours were finally answered. Now I feel shaken, not stirred, but, unlike Mr. Bond's martini, I feel empty. Not even an olive inside. Sheesh. Does this sound like whining? Okay, I KNOW that answer but I guess I deserve to have a good whine.
Hmm...martinis and *wine*? Nooo, I won't go on an alcohol induced bender but I might hit the chocolate tonight! Might? I think WILL is the operative word!
Mom, Grace and I ate at Cracker Barrel after running a few errands. We sat near the crackling fireplace and got a few giggles from our Gracie. Have I ever told you what a blessing my kids are to me? Ad nauseam you say?
Then we made our weekly grocery run. We are enjoying doing our shopping together. I found these sweet Primroses for just $1.89 and felt I needed a little pick me up. It will be comforting to have something that reminds me of Spring. Spring...when hope is refreshed and all things are possible.
My son can amaze me at the times I need it the most. He called me 3 times today, from work and from school. Just to check on me he said. Tonight he has been so sweet it could make your teeth hurt! My oft pessimistic son is so optimistic about all of this and bound and determined that I will be as well. So, does this mean I must be optimistic?
Yeah? *Deep breath* Hold tight and be patient you say? Okay. But I still need that hug....


aimee said...

A big {hug} from a new reader to your blog (from Missy's blog) I am so sorry but I know it will work out.

Jen said...

{Hugs} to you....Sorry that plain out sucks.

So glad Dan is such a sweetie though, must make you feel so good.

TK Angels said...

*Hugs*- Ok we will get together for the personal *hug*. Sometimes we can't explain why things take so long. Bill WILL be home later than sooner. But will be home.

Of course Danny is a great kid. Look at his parents.

Call me.


Sheila said...

Here's a big {HUG} for you, Sue. Sorry things didn't work out YET, but they will. I believe in the power of prayer too, so we just have to keep it up! Things will work out soon, and Bill will be home. Just keep the faith.
You have great kids!
Before I close, here's another hug: {{{HUG}}}

Andi said...

Hugs to you my dear blog friend!

Brown English Muffin said...

ahhh what a sweet little boy...I can't wait for those moments!!!