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Monday, January 08, 2007

Quiet Evening, Rainy Night

Grace and I had a late lunch at "The Chop House" with my buddy T.H. and my mother. The soup was Chicken Tortilla and just the perfect thing for a rainy afternoon. Great salad too...
Grace got the prime rib and mashers off the children's menu. It was a HUGE portion of both, really delicious and just $5.49. Too bad I can't order it! Darn...
Mom, Grace and I ran a few errands and did a little shopping. Finally got Miss Grace a mirror for her room. Dan is much relieved. He may get a lot more bathroom time now!
We ran by my favorite bookstore, Books & Company, and picked up two of my favorite magazines, "Cooking With Paula Deen" & "Romantic Homes". My "Mary Englebreit's Home Companion" came in the mail yesterday and I did not have a moment to look through it till now! I also picked up "Paula Deen Celebrates!" too. It was on sale at a remarkable price for Books & Co. card members. I love that!
Stopped by Mom's and visited for a bit then headed home to relax.
I fixed Dan and Grace a *little nosh* as their Dad always says, made myself some hot cider, lit my yummy, new "Caramel" candle and just enjoyed...ahhhh...the rain is tapping at the windows, the fireplace is lit and Dan has turned on some Tony Bennett. Lucy is asleep on my lap, Kip is laying on my feet, Henry is purring loudly on Dan's lap, Grace is safely & soundly asleep....what could be better? Oh, if only Bill was here...okay Sue! Stiff upper lip. He will be home soon. Now, dive into your magazines and dream....
Have a wonderful Monday everyone. Stay well.
Suzie Q


Sheila said...

Sounds like a nice, cozy evening. You have a great Monday too, Sue!

jafabrit said...

I sooooooooooooo miss having a fireplace. I didn't see this house until after the closing and a week later I noticed, NO FIREPLACE. I used to love settling down on a grotty rainy day by the fireplace with a big cup of tea.

I like rainy days too :)

Have you been to the mongolian grill yet at the greene? It is really good.

Coleen said...

Wow, I closed my eyes and just pictured it. Lovely, peaceful and so comforting. You really do speak volumes in just a few words. Thanks for reminding us all to take advantage of those rainy days. I usualy just gripe.

Andi said...

Lunch at The Chop House sounds yummy! Yes, it would be nice if they would let us all order off the children's menu.

Great new magazines...I got that Romantic Homes one as well. I adore Valentine's Day.

Can you tell me more about the candle with the WW you have pictured in your post? Here in Florida everyone has Yankee Candles or the Partylite Candles. Is that a soy candle?

Hope you're having a dandy day!

Cheryl Wray said...

There is NOTHING better than sitting by the fireplace with your drink of choice and reading a brand new magazine. I love it!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I think I really like you...first you said the word mashers which made me think of how I made Shepherd Pie for dinner last night!! Mashers yummy!

Then you said Paula Deen....oh for the love of god that womens food is to die for!! Have you tried her Pumkin Gooey Cakes!!!