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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh My, Oh My, Oh, Kevin, Joe And Nick!

Yes, the big day arrived. Nooo. I don't mean Sue and Bill's anniversary. Okay, so it was THAT day too but even more importantly, it was Jonas Day!
The day of Grace's first concert! Whoo Hoo! Bill drove me, Grace, Grace's BFF Miss K and Miss K's mom to Columbus. He took a book and headed out to a quiet spot after dropping us off at the concert venue. Here are the girls in front of Nationwide Arena. The girls standing in front of The Jonas Brother's bus. Graffiti is encouraged and boy! There are layers upon layers of messages and names and, well, expressions of PURE devotion to the 3 Jonas boys. Grace points at her message... Miss K points at hers... The girls pose with a poster, standing along side their particular object of affection. Miss K with Nick, Grace with Joe. Sorry Kevin! *smile* Entering the arena...the excitement builds!
Grace had saved her money for months so she could buy a concert shirt.
Mom kicked in for the gee. It WAS her first concert and all...
How long now Mom? How long? HOW LONG?
The crowd has filed in and thousands of fans take their seats. Yes, it WAS a sell out!
Oh yes, we do, we truly DO! Ohio ROCKS!
I got this shot of Gracie just as the boys took the stage.
Is this a face of a young girl in complete and utter awe or what?
Then the reality set in and the SCREAMING began!
Oh Nick!
The brothers three...
Oh Joe!
Oh Kevin!
And, after 3 hours of music, dancing, screaming and singing, it came to an end.
2 very happy girls, 2 very happy moms...
Uh huh. The moms were happy too!
It was such fun. I felt so lucky to have had the chance to be a part of this with Grace.
It was a joy to share this special night. I have had a few people tell me they would have hated the experience. Phooey. These boys are good. Talented like crazy. The music was good, fun and
of the sort that can be shared with Grandmas, Moms, Dads, teenage sisters and little sisters alike.
To write these guys off as another silly *boy band* or *all bubble gum* is wrong. Oh so wrong!
Their music is clean but well done and on that note, just what is wrong with being CLEAN anyhoo?
The words CLEAN and talent are NOT mutually exclusive!
So thank you to our friends, the Marcum family, for helping us "live the dream" .
Thank you to The Jonas Brothers for such a wonderful night!
All of you made my little girl's dream come true...and with it, mine as well.
Why? Some of you know Grace's adoption story. She came to us at 6 1/2 and it took awhile before she would allow us to shower HER with affection. It was not something she was used to or was comfortable with. It was almost a year before she allowed us to hug her, another year before she didn't pull away when we tried to kiss her. She loved to cuddle and loved us, that we knew, and we were sure that, given time, our daughter would begin to return those hugs and kisses. Last year she began giving awesome hugs but those kisses still eluded us. On Wednesday night, as we tucked her into bed, both Bill and I got hugs AND kisses to go along with her sleepy, "Thank you for all of tonight...thank you SO much". Those sweet kisses have become a regular part of our good nights since then...and oh what a happy treat.
What was it about this concert that unlocked this ability? I don't know and I don't care! We are just relishing each hug, each kiss...
Wishing each one of you a sweet good to yourselves!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something To Crow About...

Just for today, Rabbit Run Cottage will become the The Red Rooster Inn!
A warm welcome to all of you!
Did you know that chickens are very social creatures? Uh huh. It's true. Must be just one of the reasons we all love them, especially the male of that particular species, the rooster. He is terribly protective of his family and struts around, as proud as a he KNOWS he is one gorgeous guy. Whether he be Foghorn Leghorn or Rooster Rooster Cogburn was actually NOT a chicken but John Wayne right? Strike that. So whether he be as handsome as old Foghorn Leghorn himself, he is usually a pretty happy fella, not often found in a *fowl* mood! And why shouldn't he be? Why chickens have been around for 5,000 years or so & they will be around for 5,000 more!
Today we celebrate all things rooster by strutting around
bloggie world & showing off our collections of roosters.
Let me thank our wonderful and very gracious hostess, Barb at Bella Vista,
for her hospitality! Let's all send a rousing cock~a~doodle~doo out to Barb!
I thought that showing you 5,987 pictures of all the feathered creatures residing at Rabbit Red Rooster Inn would get tedious. You see, from the floor... the ceiling, roosters abound here. The silly birds just seem to flock here in droves. Thankfully our roosters are all terribly well behaved. For roosters that is. Not one has been seen spitting on the floor or the walls. If you have seen a rooster spit on the walls you would understand my delight at this fact. Messy, very, very messy. Ahem. So instead of showing you each and every one of these *fowl* creatures, I thought I would give you a peek at our *brighter* birds. Uh huh. The rooster lamps. These lamps are found roosting in the living room...
The powder room...
The laundry room...
The kitchen...
...and the kitchen...
...AND the kitchen...
...whew...and the kitchen!
Well, I hope you enjoyed this teensy look at a few of the *fowl* things living at
at the blog formerly known as, and soon to be known as again, Rabbit Run Cottage! I hope you'll come back for another visit soon! The roosters will be waiting...
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Big Day. Nope. A BIG DAY!

Oh is a BIG day here at Rabbit Run Cottage! A BIG
Wait. Strike that. It is a HUGE day! Gigantic. Monumental. Earth shattering!
Okay, so it isn't exactly *earth shattering* but hey...
It's our 31st anniversary. I know what you're thinking! How could anyone as young as I am possibly be married for 31 years! Ahem...I married Bill on this day in 1978. And heck.
I still love the guy. He is pretty cute, puts up with me and all my faults, is a super dad and
*sometimes* picks up his dirty socks. I'd say he is a keeper.
For a little of our story, please look back at a post I did last year: The Journey Continues
It is also the first day of a new school year! I am one of those loopy parents who *hates* the day the kids return to school. I will miss having Grace as my daily side kick. I felt the same way when Daniel started back each year...*sigh* She is beginning the 5th grade and even though I am sure Mom embarrassed her, she agreed to a quick photo at the bus stop. And yes. She *IS* cute isn't she? And just when you thought that this day couldn't get any I, Susie Q, the mistress of Rabbit Run Cottage is going to see The Jonas Brothers tonight! I know you are all excited so try to control yourselves. No pushing now...calm...calm...there. Better? This will be Grace's first real concert and she is over the moon about it! Thanks to my talented friend Gary and his beautiful daughters (who secured tickets for us when they were almost impossible to get), Grace, her BFF, her BFF's Mom and I will be in Columbus, Ohio tonight, rockin' with the boys. I KNOW it is their first day of school but they are young. They will be alright tomorrow and ready for school bright and Who knows! But we will have fun and I will be sure to tell you all about it. Bill and I will have dinner together later this week to celebrate our day...or maybe, just like one of my dear friends did when she and her husband celebrated a recent anniversary, we will go out for ice cream! Even better! Now go on out there and have a great day...a BIG day. A Gigantic day of monumental and earth shattering proportions! Just enjoy it...and remember to smile. You look gorgeous when you do!
Love and Hugs, Susie Q

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Extreme Week-Over

The week is over but it was such a sweet one. These last days of Summer are perfect for enjoying a nice long drive in the country, buying some farm fresh produce & flowers or visiting a fun local spot...
...a place like the Second Street Public Market in downtown Dayton. Straight from the garden flowers...
...smell oh so sweet!
Delicious food treats...from vegetarian... soup and sandwiches... beautiful crepes.
Paired with a good bottle of wine. Perfect!
Then there is dessert...oh yes. Blackberry pies, chocolate fudge and Greek pastries...
Or, how about a made from scratch berry, creme and chocolate crepe?
And when you can't eat one more bite, indulge yourself with
some lovely scented soaps and lotions.
Or stop by the Humane Society booth & visit with one of the adorable
dogs and cats looking for homes.
We left the Market and drove into Beavercreek to see the Extreme Makeover house!
You will soon see this home featured on the new season of the popular series. Ty Pennington and crew were here recently and this is their finished product! I won't give away any secrets before the episode airs but it was a joy to see this family gifted with such a blessing. Here is your sneak peek...
We also spent a little time North of Dayton, in Urbana, Ohio. We had
to be in the area one day and we stopped by the Robert Rothschild Farm.
We picked up a few goodies...jams and bring home but I wish we could
have brought these sweet ones along too...
Whew...that was just a taste of our week's activities! I hope you enjoyed coming along with us! It is always a joy to share a little fun!
Tonight is game 2 for Grace so off to the football field we go!
I hope your weekend is treating you well and that you are finding lots to smile about!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q