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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Little Traces Of Long Ago Spaces...

I guess I am just an incurable romantic. I love things with a past. Those things that have seen a few years roll by, suffered a ding there or dent here, not unlike me I guess! Little treasures picked up at a flea market, in dusty antique shops & thrift stores. Sweet gifts that arrive from a friend, cherished memories of trips and faces from our past. The bits and bobs of our lives.
Kitchen roosters and rabbits keep watch... The laundry room fowl never tell...
Blue and white in the study
I never knew this young woman but I have written her story,
as I imagine it was...where she traveled and with whom.
Treasures from China and Carmel, California
A friend's gift...
Dining Room Plates
With rabbits for companionship...
A Chinese goddess stands guard
Walking sticks from Concord, Massachusetts, Ireland & China mingle with the cane my father used late in life....I always stop to touch the handle as I pass, and think of him.
Vintage Italian photo and a modern San Francisco watercolor
Soft light in our bedroom
Treasures from my Grandmother mix with books waiting to be enjoyed
Bedroom plates and a wee heart which reminds us to....
A subway sign from NYC....
Guest room eye candy
From England and China
Gifts from the ocean....
Virginia Beach, Padre Island, Texas, Pensacola and
Tampa, Florida. The Bahamas, the coasts of Southern and
Northern California, Maine, Cape Cod, Diego Garcia, Connecticut....
Cherished handmade treasures from my mother in watching over Grace.
A memory from my childhood which is now
passed down to my daughter.
I have never been one
who wanted
in our cottage to match.
I pick up a piece here
and another somewhere else.
Somehow, a little at a time,
a treasure at a time,
it all comes together
to make our house a home....
and tells the story of our lives.
Suzie Q


Andi said...

Oh Sue! I love this post! I too love things with a past...a history. Your collectibles are so lovely. Such treasures you have to enjoy...and what wonderful memories.

Valerie said...

that's what i love about my place: it looks like a mish-mash of stuff (what i call Early American Garage Sale), but everything has a memory connected to it...just like your home! great post, sweetie!!

Naturegirl said...

What a lovely collection of ~*heartfelt*~ treasures! I see some that I also ~adore~ the shells the rabbits and more!These I too have scattered throughout my ~nature home~
Your fathers cane well that's real ~special~
I was pleased that you stopped by at my ~frienship tea!~ hugs NG

carolyn said...

Such teasures you have, thankyou for showing them to us.

Deb said...

What an amazing post ... and beautiful words to go with such nice pictures.
You have a wonderful collection of items as well as memories!!

Coleen said...

Wowie! I love it. All of it! I felt a bit weepy when I read about your fathers cane and how you stop to touch it in passing. You are such a wonderful soul! I love that your posts warm my own.

The French Nest said...

Your treasures are stunning, and the history behind them enrich them even more...I especially love your story of your lovely father's walking sticks

RaNae said...

It doesn't suprise me Susie the knack you have for display each item working with the next to tell a story of the memories and love of each treasured item.... like the writings you share each touching the heart pulling on a string evoking a thought
Love you and your home.
Hey do you do interior decor consults?

jafabrit said...

Your house looks just LOVELy and special.

And congrats on the brian dennehy (usgh spelling sorry) piece ;)