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Friday, January 12, 2007


Memories are what keep us warm when the Winter wind is howling at our windows...
This is a picture of my beloved little secretary. It was a gift from my husband in the 1980s. It sits in my "oh so English" study. It is a tiny room but I love it. It is *me*. Or, *me* without the highlighted hair covering the gray, the goofy glasses and the ever present blue jeans. Other than missing those things, it is *me*. Ahem. On this desk top are a collection of *smalls* and bits and bobs of memories. The bible was given to me by my Grandmother when I turned
18. It is inscribed, "To Susie on her 18th birthday. Be good. Love, Grandma."
My Grandmother always ended her letters and cards
with, "Be good." I find myself saying it to Gracie
and I can hear my Grandma's voice when I do!
The bookmark was purchased at the Westminster Abbey gift shop, in England, June, 2000. The letter opener is from Holland and was purchased during our trip there in 2005. The small magnifying glass
was picked up at a flea market in London. We had the
best time chatting with the maker...the handle was fashioned from one of his great Grandfather's razors! The letter and envelope you see
was sent, from Buckingham Palace, after WW I to all the participating American forces. The one I have was sent to my Grandfather. The pocket watch was his as well...carried with
him during WW I. The small ledger was also his.
He began writing in it during training camp. He kept it all through the sea journey to Europe and well into the heart of France. It ends just
after they suffered their first casualty and the worst fighting began.
It is one of my most precious treasures.
The lace hankie was carried by my Grandmother
on her wedding day. I believe that Grandpa chose it and had it sent to her just prior to the wedding.
The WW II Ration Books belonged to Bill's
Grandfather as did the glasses and case. Family memories that mean so much to us.
Suzie Q


Missy's Blog said...

I so love your collections ... they are so very sweet and full of memories. Your little areas of collections that you have shared with us are so gorgeous and so artfully put together. It's as though we are seeing pictures from a magazine. I'm in awe of your decorating!

Cindy said...

That looks like a picture that would have been in Victoria Magazine. Just beautiful! My mother always ends everything with "be careful".

Andi said...

What lovely treasures and wonderful memories. I too enjoy looking at my collection of little treasures and recalling the memories. Isn't it wonderful that we can do that?

Shirlee said...

Your own little space sounds wonderful. I've never lived in a place long enough to really make a home and set out special items. It's now become my goal to stay put! I'm looking forwards to seeing more.

Sheila said...

What beautiful things, and such wonderful memories you have!

Amy said...

What treasures you do have!! Lovely!

Actually I'm a Gator by birth, but I have a lot of pals who cheer OH...IO...OH...IO!

Stay warm!

Jolene George said...

Wow Sue....all of your treasures are truely priceless. They are all so full of their own special memories. I can see why this is your favorite place. It doesn't have to be big to be wonderful!