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can be enlarged just by clicking on each one!
There you go...see? Easy!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break Blues...

Ah, Spring Break and where to go, what to do. We had plans to go to Asheville, North Carolina this week. I even gave up BRIAN for it! Yes...*sad sigh*...I gave up Brian. Bill said it was either go to see Brian in Chicago or North Carolina in the Spring. I have been to North Carolina but only in the Summer and Fall. I longed to see it in the early Spring! So I, gulp, chose NC! Aw, it wasn't a hard decision really. I was going to meet Penny! That's right! I was finally going to meet Penny in Hendersonville, North Carolina! Just a quick trip from Asheville, Hendersonville is such a pretty town. Penny and her husband were driving into Hendersonville from their home, we were driving into town from our hotel! I was so excited!
Then, with a thud, the other shoe dropped. Where the military is concerned, that other shoe is ALWAYS waiting to drop. I spent 27 years with so many shoes being tossed at me, I had perpetual bruises! We never took a trip or had holiday plans that weren't, somehow, in some way, compromised. *sigh* Even after retirement, those shoes kept piling up, waiting for our vacation plans...*twap* Bill works for a defense contractor so we are still connected to the military. *sigh* "So Sue thinks she is going on a lovely trip to North Carolina? HA! Give me that size 12 stiletto! Hey Sue...INCOMING...!" *thunk*
Nope, Bill was to be sent to Washington DC this week. No NC. No Penny. Okay. I put on my big girl panties and started making some DC in the Spring plans. Cherry blossoms in bloom (which I have not seen in years) and nice, temperate weather..unlike the heat we had on our last DC trip! Okay! I am happy about it...I will see Penny soon...I will get all packed for DC...what?
*thawck* No DC either? Huh? Oh. I gave up Brian for...for...for...Dayton? Yes. Bill is going to DC tomorrow, just for the day. Plans were changed once again. More shoes were hurled, thrown, tossed, kerplunked. Unpack the suitcases, put away the Triptik.
So, no Penny, no North Carolina, no Washington DC, no Chicago, no Brian. *sigh* I think I will go
and see if there are any size 9 1/2 Nikes in this pile of shoes. I could use some new sneakers.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

April Showers...2 Days Early

And the home owner's motto? Never give up, never give
naughty leprechaun shenanigans that is!
A few new stones, 3 new faces and something to keep those April showers
at bay...
The story of this spunky homeowner will be in Thursday's edition of the Dayton Daily News accompanied by pictures taken by one Susie Q from Rabbit Run Cottage!
The rain fell for three days. Perfect weather, if you're a robin lookinng for worms. The ducks and geese were everywhere, in pairs,
happily splashing in puddles and protecting their nests from evil
intruders. Evil beings like me...
HONK! Stay away from my nest you human you! HONK!
This goose was doing one of the best weather vane impressions
I have ever seen! Here he is doing an inimitable WNW!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adding a Little Spring To My Step...

...and to my front porch. I still have a lot to do but it's time to begin!
All signs point to a lovely Spring!
It's only a small step but tomorrow will see a few more!
Spring is here and I plan on bringing it home to Rabbit Run Cottage!
Make your Wednesday a sweet one!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Art If You Please

Pop Art Self Portraits
I hope this post finds each one of you smiling and feeling just fine. I was a less than a stellar blogger last week I know. Life got a bit busy around Rabbit Run. This past weekend we entertained out of state company, celebrated a dear friend's birthday, celebrated another dear friend's son's birthday and enjoyed some delightful Spring weather. Whew! Now THAT is a full weekend!
We also attended a wonderful art show featuring area elementary school students. One of those artistic kids just happened to be our Gracie. The show was held in an area performing arts center and filled to the rafters (literally!) with interesting, thought provoking and down right smile inducing pieces of art! I wanted to share a few with all of you...
This is one of Grace's pieces. A mixture of paint and sand... Our girl with her art teacher
Grace in front of her Pop Art portrait.
Oh! I wanted to tell you that the homeowners, whose *Stone Leprechauns* lost their heads, have not given up! They have added new stones and are readying a "Rock Solid" Easter Bunny display!
A reporter for the newspaper is using my photographs of the St. Patrick Day rock statues to accompany a little story about the family.
I hope your week is a sweet one!
Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Leprechaun Shenanigans

Leprechaun shenanigans were afoot near my town Tuesday night! A house not too very far from Rabbit Run Cottage has long treated the community to a little holiday *rock* festivity! Each season and holiday a group of stones receive their finery and bring a smile to the face of each passerby.
But in the wee hours of St. Patrick's Day eve, a naughty leprechaun, or gaggle of leprechauns,
played an evil trick on the happy home's residents. They awoke Wednesday morn to discover their stones had been beheaded!
Yesterday the home owners crafted this sign and placed it where
the sweet stone faces once sat... No word yet on whether or not a ransom is being offered!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kip's Big Irish Adventure

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your friend Kip!
Hi all you Irish dudes! My Mom says that everyone is Irish today, even if you are not, which I am. My name is actually Kipper T. McGhee, the T stands for *trouble* and that is what you get with me dudes. Trouble. My Mom says I am a little Irish hooligan from the streets of Belfast. (That must be in Tennessee dudes 'cause that is where I was born) My Dad says I am as cute as a leprechaun but you know? I have never actually SEEN a leprechaun.
One comes to our house in the wee hours before dawn on St. Patrick's Day and causes lots of messes. He leaves paper all over the floors and throws socks in the hallway. He also leaves a buncha gold coins that smell a lot like chocolate. (Which, by the way, I am not allowed to eat. Phooey).
I have tried to stay up and catch this leprechaun in action dudes but a guy's gotta sleep sometime right? I think it is my cats that make the messes and blame it on those poor leprechauns but where would my cats get gold coins that smell like chocolate? They don't have any money dudes! So I have decided to go out looking for a leprechaun. Ssh. Don't tell my folks 'cause they would worry 'n I will be home by sun up anyway 'kay dudes?
Let's go! I've got my leprechaun trackin' device (Otherwise known as my nose) and that's all we need right?
I have seen all sorts of pictures like this 'round town this time of year. But does a REAL leprechaun look this happy all the time?I have also seen this picture of a leprechaun and he looks mighty angry. I think he works at a school somewhere. Do leprechauns look mad dudes? I DO know they live in Ireland most of the time. It is a place far from my house and my parents want to go real bad. They say it is green and pretty and the people there are cool an all and I think that sounds good but let's get back to findin' one of those trouble makin' leprechauns 'kay?
I was gonna ask these dudes if they know where a leprechaun is but gee whiz. These guys are....ssshhh....*wearin' skirts*. That is why the poor dog is hiding his face dudes! Skirts! On guys! Dudes!
I started to ask this horse if HE knew about leprechauns but he looked a little green 'round the old gills if you know what I mean. HA! That was a good one dudes! But hey. Dad says it is really green in Ireland so even the horses must turn green. Whoa.
I thought these dudes might be leprechauns so I sniffed 'em. Nope. Not leprechauns but they smelled good anyway. Kinda like corned beef.
Wow! This dude has his own leprechaun!! Oh. Wait a mo...that is NOT a real leprechaun. I KNOW leprechauns and he is NO leprechaun. Okay, so I DON'T actually KNOW leprechauns but I was just sayin'...
This is Chauncey. He is a cool Irish dog like me and he says I can ride in his car to look for wee people. Keep a close eye out Chauncey dude!
Look out! Cats! Whoo Hoo...hey cats. Do you know a leprechaun? Phooey on you...I didn't want to kiss ya anyhoo.
I hear the river in Chicago magically turns green on march 17th every year. Must be the work of tricky leprechauns. Let's look there dudes...
Aha!! A leprechaun. Um...nope. It's just Elton John! Ooh. My Mommy
would not like THAT joke. Just teasin' Ma!
I thought this dude was a leprechaun but on closer sniff I discovered he was a dog. Sneaky huh?
These guys were all in green but they didn't know any leprechauns. They said to call 'em if I needed any help tho' and not to play with matches.
I thought my search was over dudes! I mean, his shirt even SAYS he is a leprechaun and all. But a quick sniff let me know he was a human baby. And he needed a change too! Another sneaky dude.
Wait!! Look at this! We must be getting close right?
Aha!!! are SO not a leprechaun dude! But I do like your tie...huh? What?
Our buddy Winston here says he has seen a few animals...ssshh...*drinking beer*. I do NOT believe it! I do NOT believe it! Just because it is St. Patrick's Day does not mean...
Oh NO!!! Squirrels drinking an Irish ale! What to do, what to do....yikes!!!
CATS drinking an Irish ale!!! Well, thank goodness no dog would ever be caught Oh dude...drinking!! And drinking a nice Irish ale! What would your German ancestors say dude? I guess we ALL are Irish today...even little dachshunds.
But I want you to know dudes that I do NOT drink Irish ale. Or beer. Or fruit punch. My only vice is the ever so occasional (And only because my folks won't take me more!) cuppa 'scream! Well, I got a little side tracked there...let's get this search back on course!
Are YOU a leprechaun? You are wearin' green and you are wee...oh. Leprechauns don't have feathers? Sorry dude!
Is THIS a leprechaun? Nah...but he IS a spiffy dresser dudes!
Éirinn go Brách anyway cat dude!
Are YOU a You are not are a cow. A green cow. Hey! Do you give green milk? That would be totally awesome cow dude!
Well, I am just about ready to give up dudes. I am tired and I need to sleep. I will go to bed and dream of this all green land where cows and horse are green too. The cats dress in hats and the squirrels drink beer and the dudes wear skirts. Sometimes.
WAIT! There! In that little house!! A LEPRECHAUN DUDES!!!!!
CATCH him dudes!!!
HA! Gotcha!
(In case you don't recognize me in the hat, it's me. Kipper.)
I hope you are wearin' some green today because
if you do not wear green you can get a pinch! So wear it! Dudes! That is my St. Paddy's Day advice for you!
Excuse me for now 'cause I smell some corned beef cookin'
somewhere and I just have to find it!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Your Irish Dog Pal,
Kip T. McGhee