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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2nd 2007

What a day....filled with good and sorrow. I know "that is life" but it can still be hard.
First the friend Sheila has started a blog! Please visit her. She is a special lady.
There is a link to her blog here on this page...
Sheila and I met through a Monty Python site several years back. We were able to spend a day together, in Chicago, with my friend P., at the Beatlefest a couple of years ago.
She and I share a love of all things British!
Bill left this morning but, unlike all the times past, I do not feel so very sad. I always miss him when he goes but this time I have a little sparkle in my eyes! Still, I will feel better when he arrives safe and sound. I will also feel MUCH better when the offer sheet is faxed to him tomorrow, signed and all is official. I KNOW I should not fear anything but that little nagging twinge is there. Tomorrow it will be gone!
Now, the sad....I have been a part, for a few years now, of an online fan club for Brian Dennehy. We have lots of fun chatting and sharing. It has been a bright spot for me. Lana has been a big part of it and was always such a sweet, funny and special friend to everyone in the group. Sadly, she passed away yesterday, quite unexpectedly. Her sister informed the group this morning. Many of us had hoped to get to NYC this year to see Brian in "Inherit The Wind" on Broadway. I know that any of us that make that trip will take Lana's spirit with us.
Brian is to appear in a special "Law and Order SVU" episode tonight. Lana would have loved that...I will be thinking about her...


Sheila said...

Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Lana. What a shock it must've been to hear that news. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
Thanks for such a nice, warm welcome! You're such a special person too, and we sure shared some happy times!!

Leona said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, Lana. I will say prayers for her family and you.