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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Of Braces, Cupcakes and Fashionistas

Last week Grace and I began our day with her orthodontist!
It was "Braces Off  Day"!

And because her strange Mom thinks we need to celebrate everything
we played hooky and had a Mom/Daughter day!
We started off with a great lunch at Central Perc Cafe and followed that with 
a stop at Moore Dessert Please for cupcake and caramel apples!
Hey, the braces are off folks! Caramel can now rule!

That afternoon we went window shopping at The Greene
and stayed for the big fashion show!

It was hosted by supermodel Emme who is as 
sweet and friendly as she is gorgeous!
She's been named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful 
People" (1994 and 1999)
 and Glamour magazine's "Woman of the Year" (1997).
 Ladies' Home Journal selected her as one of it's "Most Fascinating 
Women of the Year" (1997) and as one of it's 
"Most Important Women in America" (1999).
Her first book, True Beauty—Positive Attitudes & 
Practical Tips from the World's
 Leading Plus Size Model, was published in 1997. 
Also in 1997, she was invited to speak before a
 Congressional subcommittee about eating disorders.

What a wonderful role model for young ladies! She spoke to the crowd
about loving ourselves, and being beautiful, no matter our size, age or color! 

It was quite the thrill for my fashionista daughter!

Emme lifted Grace up here so they could chat "eye to eye"!
I thought this was so cute.

She wrote the nicest things to Grace who will always
 treasure meeting her.

Emme has a beautiful web site 

Grace also got to meet one of our beautiful local 
celebrities, Marcia Bonhart. Ms. Bonhart is an anchor at
our NBC affiliate.

The lovely Marcia Bonhart

Fashion has been  inspired by The Hunger Games
 trilogy and movie.

After the show we found Grace a great pair of wedge shoes and then
had a delicious dinner at Mimi's Cafe where we talked and laughed for two hours.
Spending such times with my kids is something I cherish.

It was such a wonderful day and one both
 Grace and I will remember always.

Hoping your Fall is starting off with a bang! Ohio has been blessed
by sweet temperatures of late...oh how I am enjoying it!

Till next time...

Susie Q

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Country Living" Is A Sweet Af'FAIR...

...and especially so when  it's thanks to a dear blog friend.
Recently I won a most generous giveaway 
from Kathleen at Kathy's Cottage!

2 weekend passes to The 2012 Country Living Fair
in Columbus, Ohio.
One of my oldest and best friends went with me 
and oh what sights we saw! What delicious smells...mmm.

There were 200 vendors selling crafts, art and antiques. There were cooking
and crafting demonstrations, appearances
by some HGTV's popular show hosts... in other words, 
something for everyone!

I saw the fair described as a "Haven of "Homey-ness"!

The colors of Autumn were out in abundance.

One of the most popular spots was this lemonade trailer. 
It could not have been any cuter!

Here they were serving deep dish cobbler 
and home made ice cream...the line was so, so long!

The Buckeye Rug Hookers group was out in force...

Friendly, helpful and so talented!
 My buddy Terri and I thought
this one was particularly beautiful.
Such lovely things to look at and buy...such
wonderful artists to chat with and meet!

I took home one of these sweet birds...

Isn't this tent beautiful?

Eye candy everywhere you looked!

 How cute is this display?

Loved the part of their tag..."for Hot Housewives"! 

Why the fair even hosted royalty! The Jelly Queens from Texas 
were in attendance!

Tickled Pink is always fun and this year was nothing less!

I wanted to take this fella home from the booth, 
"Home Love Circus".

These two talented gentlemen provide toe 
tapping music for the Fair each year!

Even the young ones can't stop their feet from dancing!

Terri and I had a sweet few hours together thanks 
to heartfelt appreciation goes out to her! 

I was so hoping to meet with the wondrous Debby  at the Fair
but she was arriving as we were leaving and whew. We were so tired! 
It was hotter than we had expected and with so much ground to cover, 
the long week had caught up with me! At least we saw everything!
I will make plans to meet with Debby in October and, hopefully, some
of our other wonderful Buckeye Bloggers can meet too! 
(Hear that ladies? *smile*)

Thank you for sharing a little of the Fair with me!

Until later...

Susie Q