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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Poolin' It

What beats a day at the pool on a hot Summer day!

Daniel and Brady

Brady and Grace

Jim and Grace

Grace and Brady just laughed and laughed!

Boo loves the water!

Hi Dan and Brady!

Brady and his Daddy havin' so much fun!

Welcome Summer...wishing you all the sweet joys that this season brings!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Is Here And That Spells...

...busy, busy, busy! You all know what I am talking about right? Of course you do.
So much to do around the house and yard, so many sweet things to take part in!
And add in a busy 12 year old's schedule and you have one pooped old Mom! But I love it...I DO! Just ignore the bags under my eyes and the annoying yawning...

The last 2 weeks have been such a joy. We celebrated my Mom and brother's birthdays, the end of elementary school of Grace & the end of the college semester for Dan. I had lunch with dear friends on several occasions, dinner with our oh so special neighbors and dear friends, several sleepovers, trips to King's Island, an end of the year school party, a Sheryl Crow concert, 3 graduation parties, the start of Summer School and Summer Strings Camp We get the point Susie Q! It's been busy! Sheesh!

This is my sweet Mom and my kids on her 83rd birthday!
We had a *week of Mom* with dinners out and at home, a trip
 to a local dinner theater and another to a great restaurant in Cincinnati!

This is our wonderful nephews, (Bill's brother's sons) Chris and Nate, with Grace. Chris graduated from High School last weekend! He is entering Wright State in August to study Law Enforcement.
Nate will begin HS in the Fall and Grace will start Middle school. Wow. Where does time fly? *sigh*

Mom's cake at the La Comedia dinner theater. We had such a great time,
 the food was so good and the musical, Church Basement Ladies, was lots of fun.

That Sunday we all took Mom, and our friends Julie and Kelly, to
The Grand Finale near Cincinnati for Sunday brunch. It was delicious!
The decor is such fun and so pretty and warm.

Julie and her daughter, Grace's BFF, Kelly!

Grace and her Uncle Jim! Jim took Grace to see the Sheryl Crow/Colbie Calliat
concert this week! It was a surprise to her and they had a wonderful time!

My Mom with her two kids!

Don't Bill and Jim look like the *Champagne Brunch Bouncers*?
I love this picture!

The Grand Finale is in Glendale and the area is
both historic and beautiful. Truly lovely old homes...

Several gorgeous old churches...

...and a beautiful town square filled with shops, cafes, pubs and
this old train station museum.

I have also had such fun over the past 3 weeks meeting friends to see two great local bands, The Stumps and White Rabbit. Each plays classic rock and are so talented! The bands have one other thing in common, their drummer! I went to High School with Gary and it has been my honor to be asked to take a band photo for each one, images that will appear in the newspaper along side their recent interviews.

The Stumps
White Rabbit

Just a glimpse into the  Summer craziness at Rabbit Run Cottage! It is a busy season but we wouldn't have it any other way right?

I hope you are enjoying June and staying cool...the swimming pool is calling so we are off again!

Love to each one of you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahem! It's Finally Me Again Dudes!

Whoo hoo!

Okay Dudes! It's me again, Kipper! Yep. I know it has been too long but my old lady had not let me on the computer or nuthin'! So here I am again, FINALLY, goin' to Ritter's! It was a real nice night here in Dayton and guess what? It was also my birthday! Mom and Dad said there would be lots of dogs coming to MY party so here we go....

This is big, good lookin' guy is my buddy the Dukester...he could fit my whole head in his mouth!
But I hope he doesn't 'cause it would be real slobbery!
This is Maxie. She is really pretty huh Dudes?
My friend Dexter. He is shy around cameras but my old Mom took his picture anyhoo.
I tell her to stop but she never listens! He is handsome though right Dudes?
I asked my friend Priscilla for a birthday kiss but she said she would rather kiss
 her Mommy! Phooey Prissy!

This cute fella is Turk. He was really stylin' in his bandanna!

I asked my new friend Eva for a birthday kiss..this is how she reacted!
Should I be mad Dudes?

This is my Sissy meeting our new friend Maggie!
My parents and Sissy know Maggie's Mom and Dad. They were really cool.
And Maggie is REALLY pretty!

See how beautiful she is Dudes! I think I love her!

My sweet friend Annie...SHE gave me a birthday smooch. Thanks Dudette!

My friends Charlie and Bowzer discussing world affairs and stuff.

Rudy was sayin', "Which way to the 'scream!"

Here it is Rudy but THIS cup is ALL Mine!!!

My pal Shadow was there...

My Pal Reuben came too...

My buddy Seamus (He is Irish you know Dudes!)...

His pretty sissy Maeve...

...and their cool brother Dusty all showed up too!

Pretty much all of the human girls dug me...

...and some of the doggie ladies did too! This is Angel tryin' to plant one on me!

I love ya too Angel Dudette!

Thank for comin' to my birthday party Harry... too Goldie.

See ya next time Cassie...

...and you too Dylan.

Gotta get my folks and sissy and head on out. It's been real...see ya'll in July!
Happy Birthday to me, The Kip!

Love ya Dudes!