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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Andi! What A Wonderful Idea!

Andi, our dear blogging friend, who is much more clear headed than I (she probably goes to bed at a reasonable hour unlike moi) brought up this marvelous plan! Once we know Chad's APO address, each of us could take turns, monthly, sending him a package! I had thought about sending one but hey! If we take turns each month, we could keep this wonderful young man
knee deep in treasure! So blog friends...what do you thunk?
I know that when Bill was away, especially during the long
months of conflict and war, he loved care packages and letters.
We can even throw in enough goodies for him to share right?
Ooh...I am really excited about this project! For the first time in several years, we found ourselves with no military friends to send an overseas care package to. We always contribute things to group boxes (IE, the church, the school, etc.) for the military serving away from home, but this will be so sweet...doing it for our own hero, Chad George.
Thank you dear Andi for being dear & quick enough to get the ball rolling...
Now, we will just wait on that address...
Thinking about you Chad!
Suzie Q


Jen said...

once we find out what he needs and what he likes i think it's a nice idea!

TK Angels said...

Count me in once we get the address.

Andi said...

I'm so glad my idea was well received! I had such fun shopping for the things for Ben's goodie box...I know shopping and baking for Chad will be fun as well. We can each take pictures of what goes into our care packages and post them on our blog. That way Jolene will know what her handsome young soldier is getting.

Coleen said...

OMGosh, I am in! I will totally send one. Who is organizing it? We need to be sure he has one from someone each month. I'll pop over to Andi's blog and let her know I am in! What a better way to show Jolene we all care!

Leona said...

I think that is a great idea! You can count on me.

Jolene George said...

Still crying....I love you girls! Thanks so much!