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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just For Fun List

This picture has nothing to do with the post today but it coordinated with the blue lettering I chose to use! The plate in the rear left of the picture was our gift from Grace this past Christmas. She made it in art class. Can you guess which piece is my favorite? Well, of course! must give an answer that begins with the first letter of your name! Go with your first thought, the first thing that pops into your head!
I am Sue soooo....I use an *S*! Easy huh?
Or not...we will see! We can see how people's
minds work, or, in the case if MY mind, NOT work!
Thanks Cheryl for this fun little list!
1. Famous athlete: Sandy Koufax
2. Four letter word: Um...well...I think we ALL know which word popped into this naughty little head but I will go with SNOW!
3. Street name: Spiece...the street I grew up on!
4. Color: Salmon...really! It is in the Crayola Box! And it is a tasty dinner too! : )
5. Gift: Hmmm...Sans A Belt Slacks? about Sapphires? Okay, let's go with Sapphires!
6: Vehicle: An SUV? Does that count? Okay, that is my final answer Regis.
17. Tropical location: Sanibel Island
8. College Major: Sociology...that was mine. Graduated in 1978, uh huh, before the invention of the wheel. Or fire.
9. Dairy Product: Sour Cream
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Sand Dollars
11. Boy Name: Stephen
12. Girl Name: Samantha
13. Movie Title: Sense and Sensibilities, one of my most favorite films!
14. Alcohol: Sangria
15. Occupation: Social Worker
16. Flower: Sunflower, one of my favorites! Not a bad perfume either!
17. Celebrity: Sandra Bullock
18. Magazine: Smithsonian
19. US City: San Francisco
20. Sports team: San Diego Padres
21. Something found in a kitchen: Scouring Pad
22. Reason for being late: Socks were missing!! Ohhh...I got it! SNOW!!!
23. Something You Throw Away: Socks with holes. (Do I have a sock fetish tonight?)
24. Things You Shout: There is that pesky 4 letter word thought in my head again....but, looking out of my window, I want to shout, "SNOW!!!"
25. Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo!
Okay, now it is YOUR turn!
Stay well, stay warm.
Suzie Q


Teresa said...

Oh what a great place, Sanibel Island, Captiva... Rusty and I went there for our Honeymoon.... Lovely Place... I will have to take your challenge now... Just give me a couple of days.. Teresa

Naturegirl said...

Now this was fun to read and you know what in looking at your blue collection that ~plate in back~ stands out! What a talented young lady your daughter is!!You seem to have ~SnOw~ on the brain.Fresh fallen is magical.

Andi said...

Love your blue and white very pretty. And your talented little Grace certainly has artistic ability. First the adorable little dog and now this plate...very nice.

Your fun list is too cool. I'm leaving for work now but will have to come up with an "A-List" when I come in this evening to post on my blog.

Warm Hugs to You...Stay Warm.

TK Angels said...

Will work on the "T" lsit when I get home from work also. Gracie is a beautiful artist. She takes after her mom.

Keep warm. This AM wind chill was

Love to all,

Missy's Blog said...

This is just a fun list ... and you have just creative answers!!

Sheila said...

OOh, and white china..yummy...!
I do believe the bunny is your favourite, though I'm sure the beautiful plate that Grace gave to you is tied for first place..xx Loved the 'S' words..however since I'm an 'S' too, I will pass on this one, as you used up all the good answers..LOL

Jen said...

Grace is quit the little artist :)

Thanks for your sweet comment :)

Coleen said...

Thanks for sharing Sue. I love your answers! Sorry it's been a while since I was here last. I have missed Rabbit Run so much.

TK Angels said...

Ok it's me again and I am at lunch-wow I am having brain farts and will have to work on the letter "T". Hahahah.

Take care

Cindy said...

You know I love blue and white. I have that same lamp and I also have mine sitting on top of books. So not only do we have the same pig with the chalkboard but the same lamp too. I wonder what else we have the same besides great taste? LOL

Tammy said...

I wish I was at Sanibel Island collecting sand dollars and drinking a Sangria...instead I'm here in Ohio with Snow...oops excuse my french!!
You my friend are a hoot!!