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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Meeting Friends... always a treat and meeting blog friends is such a special joy!
While we were in Florida we were able to meet Kat and George for dinner! And yes, they are every bit as special as you already know them to be! And wow. Kat is even more beautiful in person! George is one pretty handsome fella as well...but they still let old, schlumpy Bill and old, schlumpy, chubby Sue have dinner with them! *laugh*
As you can tell from this photo, Grace didn't like them one bit...*sly grin* She so enjoyed meeting them!
Thank you Kat and George...thank you for meeting us, for suggesting Dewey Destin's for dinner and for being such a delight. You are both just as wonderful as I knew you would be. It was a perfect evening!
And, if you have yet to meet Kat, PLEASE hop over straight away and introduce yourself! You will love her!

More Florida photos and tales to come...we got in VERY late yesterday so we are doing mountains of laundry, cleaning and catching up....when things settle a bit I will be by to see all of you.
Till then, stay warm and happy.
Love you all....

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life's A Beach

Doesn't that sunshine feel good sweetie?

Uh huh...we are here...walking the beaches of Fort Walton and Destin. Bill is in Florida for a conference so we tagged along. Yes, Grace has her school's approval! I swear! She does classroom work all morning
and then, in the afternoon we play.

We take long walks on the beach...
...and chat with the locals. Right local?? RIGHT? Okay, so he t'ain't talkin'...

And we eat delicious seafood...oh were these crab cakes yummy!

Then we sit and watch the sun go

A little get away every now and then is good...and we are sure enjoying it.

I have internet service in our room but it is slooooooow. I may not be able to get around to visit much this week but will when we return. I think about all of you often...and send each one of you
 much love and many hugs.

Susie Q

Got Snow?

We sure have of late! 2 big blasts of snow over the last 2 weeks and oh did it get cold!

But the girls loved is Grace with her BFF, Miss K, building a Snow Jonas, excuse me!

Now, as much as I love Winter, and snow, I have escaped all of that this week. Uh huh, Grace and I have joined Bill on a business trip. The teachers approved so off we went! Daniel is holding down the fort and
wrangling the pets this week so we can walk in some white stuff that is a *tad bit* warmer than snow. It was all planned at the last minute but I am so glad we came....more on this later today!

I hope you are all well, warm, safe and smiling! Wishing you all happiness and sunny days.

Love and hugs,
Susie Q

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Year of The Tiger

Last weekend we attended the annual FCC Chinese New year event! We always have lots of fun and Grace's BFF, Miss K, usually attends with us! The girls enjoy the festivities and I enjoy watching all the beautiful, happy chidlren!

This lovely lady is my friend Lisa! She and I were in a women's group
together and how sweet it was to see her and her new daughter. Smiles do not get prettier than this!
More to come here...and I will be making my way around bloggy world to see all of you!

I hope you are all happy, well and staying warm!
We have lots of snow and getting 6-8 more inches today! It's a good things
 I love the white stuff huh? *laugh*

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Frosty February

I am so sorry to have been away for so long! It has been such a busy 10 days! Kipper had another small surgery, we welcomed in some company, and, well, just the day to day busy~ness has been extra busy!
Our area has had a few recent snowfalls and my! What a beautiful sight! I have been able to get out a bit and take some pictures...that always lifts my spirits!

I have a few things to share with you, the annual Chinese New Year celebration, our area's bi~annual Restaurant Week and so much more! But for now, I need to get ready for Grace's class party tomorrow!
Being a home room Mom is fun and rewarding but hectic at times!

I hope you are all staying warm and safe and wearing a smile!

Love to you all!

Susie Q

Monday, February 01, 2010

Welcome February!

These sweet robins wanted to welcome in the month of February! Now, they might be a wee bit early for Spring's arrival but aren't they a cheery sight of what will be? The trees near our church were full of these dear creatures yesterday...their precious songs filled  air. What a wonderful way to say farewell to January and hello to the month of romance!

I hope you are all well and that your February will be one chock full of happy moments!

Love and Hugs,
Susie Q