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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh Wow! Will Dayton Be Invited?

That is Coleen Sullivan, who, for several years, was the co anchor of Dayton's Channel 2 evening news.
Yep, she is just beautiful. I have met her (albeit briefly) a few times over the a couple of fundraisers and at the grocery store. She lived near us and often shopped where we do.
She also seemed to be a very genuine person. Very down to earth and great with children.
She very recently announced that she would be leaving WDTN and return to her hometown of San Francisco. Hmmm....but what was the REAL reason?
The Britsh tabloids picked up the story recently and then the local news pounced on it. The WDTN anchors chose last night to read Coleen's statement to the Dayton viewers. Yes, it is true. She and Charles (the Ninth Earl Spencer to you and me) Spencer are *in a relationship*.
They met when Ms. Sullivan went to Althorp to do a piece about the Diana exhibit which was headed to our very own Art Museum. It WAS amazing. I attended 3 times with 3 different groups of friends. Grace was entranced...
The Earl charmed everyone that met him in Dayton and seemed to enjoy his time in our little neck of the woods. Now we know why!
Of course the tabloids are having a field day with this story and are leaking all sorts of drips and drabs of deep, dark, gooshy mud. Aw heck. What do I know?
They are 2 grown ups I reckon and know their own minds and hearts.
Still, I am wondering if this means that everyone in Dayton will be invited to a wedding if there is one? What? Unrealistic? Nah....Grace is more than ready to be a flower girl!
I will polish my heels just in case.


Chris said...

Nothing as fun as that ever happens in NH. Sounds interesting! Perhaps it will hit the news here someday but for now I've heard nothing about it.

Missy's Blog said...

OH wow ... that is waaay cool. So neat when it's almost like you know them right? Is she moving to England?

Andi said...

"a relationship"...hmmmm...sounds like heady stuff to me...but then I'm just a commoner! Gotta love those Brits!

Teresa said...

Hey Girl, I'm here, I know I've been a slacker the last few days but I've been so busy... My big Project is taking so much time (re-doing my web site... You have such good resolutions and I'm so happy to hear Bill will be back home before you know it.... It's never fun to be without the ones you love.... Thanks for sharing your blog with us... I have to visit several times a day... Till next time.... T

Cheryl Wray said...

Love that story!!! When she becomes a Lady or Duchess or Earl-ette or whatever, you can say you knew here when! She sure is beautiful!