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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Plans For The New Year

Just some ideas for a new year filled with more peace.
A few of the things I intend to add to or continue with in my life:
Pray daily, pray often. Quietly, wherever I am.
To go to bed at a *normal* time. I have spent the last 10 months staying awake long past the time I should have been asleep. I paid for it believe me! No more of that in 2007.
I will begin to simplify my life do away with that which I do not need or want.
I will give myself extra time to do the things I need to get done
and to get where I need to go.
To live within a stricter budget and do away with frivolous spending. To save the money for the things I really want...a new television, a new camera...saving over time will help me appreciate it all the more. To save, save, save more. I have already started this and will continue happily!
Eat better, eat out less and keep working on my cooking skills.
Keep a journal of my ideas and thoughts and of the things that have inspired me.
Talk less and listen more!
Be more forgiving of past hurts and learn to accept
the fact that not everyone will like me.
To not allow criticism of my appearance, dress, decorating,
lifestyle and personal ideals make me doubt what is in my heart and head.
Only I know what is best for me and my family!
Be more patient with others and myself. Perfection is not realistic nor is it fun!
Keep writing, something, anything, everyday.
Resume scrap booking and photo journaling.
Spend even more time with our friends.
Continue movie nights at our house...friends and family are always welcome!
Continue to blog daily and visit with all my new blog friends.
This is such a joy for me.
Make even more use of our wonderful art
museum and continue to re-discover the
artist in me.
To read more.
To enjoy quiet times, peaceful moments. Allow time for just being alone and still.


Brown English Muffin said...

Ok Susie so what time is a reasonable time to go to bed? You commented on my blog at 11:55PM at which time I was in la la land!! LOL I'm crashed and burnt out by 9PM!!

I hear you on saving. Just the other day I took my loose change to coinstar and walked away with $295!!!

"I will give myself extra time to do the things I need to get done and to get where I need to go."

I have adopted this one as well because either I never get anything done or I never get me time.

"To read more." I saw this every year as I love to read and yet it never happens!!

I love quiet alone time, I always have especially being an only child. My husband on the other hand goes crazy with silence for too long!!!

javagirl1111 said...

A good list:-)

Prayers for you that it will all come true:-)

jafabrit said...

That is a great list. Mine was teeny this year lol!

By the way those polar bear cup cakes are the most adorable cakes I have EVER seen.

Andi said...

What great plans for The New Year!

I too wish to simplify in 2007.

I love your blog and you seem perfect to me so don't change a thing! I'm so glad we became blog buddies!