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Monday, August 29, 2011

May I Have A Moment?

She did it again. 3rd year running. Forgot to wish me a happy birthday.
Uh huh.
Old Susie Q professes to be my greatest fan and then does this again?

Let me make this clear.

She *claims* to be busy but in reality she was digging her
crooked little toes in the Florida sand...
   ...and parasailing...

...and stuffing her face with all sorts of goodies.

Oh, and my biggest fan was also canoodling with young, male beach goers
whilst I, Brian M. Dennehy, was sans a birthday greeting.

 Am I making my case here?

It was enough to make me put on my bathrobe and head to bed for days...

...and days, almost delirious with grief. See?

I can see you are all very understanding so I will continue.

I started smoking again and was so depressed...

I grew a beard to disguise myself and tried to
 run away from my sorrows...

I fell in with a strange crowd and began drinking...

I turned to violence as a way to cope with my sadness...

...all the while Miss Susie Q is in Florida jet skiing...

...sunning her ample behind...

...and playing in the sand.

My dear friend Helen came to visit... did my pal Russell. They each suggested I take up a
hobby to keep my mind busy.

     I tried singing but I died on stage...

    ...I tried clowning at children's parties but they
thought I was creepy.
So I need to come up with a better plan...hoping all the while
Susie Q comes to her sunburned senses and sends me a greeting. Two words, a nod...a tip of her head...anything...*sniff*.
With broken heart,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What I Like About You...

...the YOU being my hometown that is! I was born and raised here in Dayton. My father was a Dayton fire fighter for over 25 years. My mom taught 3rd grade in the Dayton schools for 32 years. I attended Kemp Elementary and Wilbur Wright High School in the East End of Dayton. I graduated form Wright State University here as well. Even though my husband and I lived away from Dayton, as a military family, for almost 27 years, it was here where we chose to retire. You see, you can take an East End Dayton girl OUT of the area but you will NEVER get the area out of her blood. I LOVE it here. I am surrounded by friends and family and wonderful places. Dayton has been through tough times, like so many cities it's size. The city is struggling but survive it will. Survive with a flourish. I believe in Dayton, Ohio and the folks who call it home. I wanted to share just a few photos that illustrate "what I like about" Dayton!

We have a glorious park system here, one of the best in the nation. 
There are so many to choose from...

Our beautiful historic courthouse. Why even Abraham Lincoln stood on these steps 
while giving a speech to the people of Dayton, Ohio! And no. I was *NOT* there!

The Second Street Market where you can find the most delicious food
 and drink, locally grown, fresh produce....

And beautiful flowers too.

Carillon Park where Dayton's rich history comes alive. 
Buildings and artifacts from Dayton's storied past gather here and teach our younger generations to appreciate our home.

We have Woodland Cemetery where so many from Dayton's history 
now rest... poet Paul Laurence Dunbar

writer Erma Bombeck, inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright and so many more.

It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in any season.

The fabulous Schuster Center For The Performing Arts where I have spent many a memorable afternoon and evening.  The best of Broadway appears here and we are also blessed to have a wonderful philharmonic orchestra, symphony and ballet company. Talented local theater thrives here as well. 

Fifth Third Field, the home of our Dayton Dragons! There is nothing more fun that being here for a baseball game! And our Dragons have the longest run of sell out games in baseball history!

Lovely old homes can be found in every section of the city, in every community...

County fairs, church carnivals abound in the Summer and Fall...

...and we truly do get 4 distinct and enjoyable seasons.




...and Winter.

There is so much more that I love about my area but I wanted to give you just a taste. I know all of you are proud of your communities as well...and doesn't that make life just that much more sweet?

Monday, August 01, 2011

More Summer Joys

What is more fun, on a hot Summer night, than swimming with the family?

My nephew Brady is a true water baby! He is totally at home in a pool.

And having his cousins Dan and Grace to share the fun is extra special!

The only thing better? Having such a glorious sunset surround us!

August is here! Wishing you a safe and joy filled month! Enjoy each moment!