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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Almost There...The Big 200!

10 more to go! The big 200th Post Day will be upon us soon. Now, I KNOW you are all just adither with anticipation aren't you? Sleepless with excitement, can't eat, jittery. It is a monumental feat I know. Hmmm...wait a mo. This is post number 191 so just *9* more to go!!!
Calm down now! I am really concerned about you. I realize that this will be one of the most magical moments in your life but...breathe deep. Slowly take that air in and exhale.
I wonder how I should decorate...balloons? Male strippers? No, too messy. They just leave their clothes all over the floor. Dancing dogs? Clowns? Too scary...
I need to think...
Have a great week...stay warm and safe.
Suzie Q


Andi said...

Drum roll please!!! Actually I was pretty cool with the dancing guys but I hate having to pick up after them as well! I do hope you'll serve refreshments...maybe something chocolate. I particularly like layer cake...dark chocolate with creamy chocolate filling and frosting. Perhaps you should whip one up in honor of the 200th. And here I let my 100th just slide right by with no fanfare at all!!! Perhaps I should pick up a box of Godiva chocolates!

Susie Q said...

How about a chocolate volcano cake, with *white* chocolate inside? Lots of ice cream...and those dancing boys to serve us and clean up after us?
I think we should havea party for your 100th! Godiva for everyone! Okay, now I need some chocolate...where did I put that box?

The French Nest said...

How exciting and what an achievement! My mum recently celebrated her 100th post...I'll be sure to post a comment on your BIG day!

Jolene George said...

LOL! You really are too funny! and you are one fast and chatty little's a good thing because we love you!

Naturegirl said...

This post is hilarious! How quickly time does fly as I am soon approaching mine too after less than a year of posting!
I have posted about ~*little wings needing warmth*~ come by and see!NG

Billy said...

In honor of the 100th, I´ll ignite a roman candle held between my teeth....not only in honor of the 100th, but because I´ve always wanted to do that!


Billy said..., make that 200th....and, it´ll be 2 roman candles!!


Jen said...

LOL...Male strippers too messy? Please do explain, roflmao

Valerie said...

i ain't-a cleaning up after them, either.

but i would like to see Bill with two Roman candles in his mouth. THAT would be interesting.

happy bicentennial post (and if you want to use that, yes you can!), dearest Susie Q!!

Missy's Blog said...

Almost 100 posts ... congratulations! Your blog is absolutely one of my favorites! I also wanted to say, I love the silhoette pictures of your children. There's just something so magical and whimsical about silhoettes.

Cheryl Wray said...

LOL You are SO funny!!!! The 200th is a BIG deal and I can't wait to see yours!!!
Idon'tknow--the male strippers might be a good idea. As long as there is also... martinis and chocolate for everyone!!

Sharon Kay said...

What a darling post and just think I have more to look at untill the big one...........

LisaOceandreamer said...

Thank you for your visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I have now spent the better part of an hour going through yours and getting to know a bit about you. I love doing that, it's how we meet others. Well let me tell you that I enjoyed every minute of have a great sense of humor! I read about your children and their adoption and it warmed my heart. I read a post you did about still being childlike, even believing Teddys and fairies come to life at night (as do I). I truly enjoyed my visit and will bookmark you for return visits. I am 4 posts away from MY 200th..isn't it exciting!
So nice to meet you.