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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Warm Spot

In the Winter, especially on a day like yesterday, this is my favorite spot to sit and think, or read. Just next to the fireplace, I can listen to the stereo, look out of the windows and onto the deck. I had Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall playing as I watched the snow lightly dust the covered table and chairs that silently await warmer days. The Grandfather clock gently ticked off the minutes as I tried to read my new book, Julia Child's, "My Life In France". Sadly though, my thoughts were too distracted to concentrate on this delightful story. My doggie niece was at the vet's office for evaluation and, I am heart broken to report, the diagnosis is not good. She has a cancerous tumor in several places on her body. It is not the first time we have heard this but surgery and treatment a few years earlier seemed to remedy her ills. This time though, she is just past 10 and, as a large dog, considered well into old age. The decision now is whether to have her undergo more surgery which may or may not help, or, allow her to enjoy a few more months and then, before pain and sickness envelope her, let her peacefully go. I have recommended the later to my brother and sis in law. Haley is not one to be still and quietly recuperate as we saw after her last bout with cancer. It was difficult for her and for us, who love her, to see how unhappy she was. For now, she is happy and feels good. I hope we can shower her with attention and love, chicken and steak, ice cream and games of catch....and then gently say goodbye. It hurts to see how torn up my sis in law and brother are and I wish I could help in some way. Haley was never an *easy* dog but I have such sweet memories of her and have always loved her.


RoseMary said...

So sorry for your brother and sister in law--all of you. It's never easy to say goodbye. We lost our little dog of 13 yrs ten months ago--we still miss him.

Cindy said...

Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. They become such a part of the family, don't they.

I tagged you on my blog and then I read your post. I know it's a hard time for you now so don't feel like you need to participate.

Take Care!

Andi said...

Oh Sue, my heart goes out to you and your brother and sister-in-law. I know your recommendation to your brother is the right thing to do but that's so difficult. I know they love their Haley just like we love our pets and we never want to see them sufer. But we can't imagine our lives without them. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Andi

Valerie said...

i can't post. i have to go hug my furbaby.
big hugs to your family, it's not going to be easy, poor them.

Sheila said...

That's the hardest part about having pets - having to let them go and say goodbye. I'm dreading that day with my own. My thoughts are with you all.

Jolene George said...

He recently lost our sweet Cinnamon from the same thing. It was heart breaking to lose a member of my family. I still miss her.