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Monday, January 08, 2007

Would I Rather Be In Paris?

So, Grace gets up this morning and starts talking about our *future* trip to Paris. She and I are always making plans like all good travelers do. It seems she had dreamed about the Eiffel Tower and "the blinking lights".
So we chatted about nibbling, at leisure, on delightful pastries at a Parisian sidewalk cafe' whilst she gobbled down spoonfuls of grits with melted Colby-Jack cheese, her new favorite food!
We thought about what we would see & hear...the boats on the Seine, the bells of Notre Dame, the sidewalk artistes...
With a wave and a badly accented "Bon Jour", m'lady ran for the bus, leaving me to face the sink full of dishes, hungry pets and
litter boxes that are 2 days past their, um, expiration dates.
My first thought was, "Wow, wouldn't I like to be sitting in that cafe' in Paris instead of being here this morning!" After all, I had tons of housework facing me, a cold wind blowing outside, howling pets and stinky boxes. Still, as I puttered through my morning chores, I found myself coming to a much different conclusion. Yes, Paris would be lovely, this day or any other. And we WILL be there some day soon, sitting in that cafe' sipping coffee and eating pastry.
Still, there is nowhere on Earth I would rather be than Rabbit Run Cottage. Those hungry pets are also our dear companions who give us so much uncomplicated love and joy. Cleaning and filling bowls and boxes is a small price to pay for that affection.
It is here that I am surrounded by the things I love, those things that tell our story, no matter how humble that tale may be.
Here is where I feel most comfortable, most myself, safe and loved.
It may not be within earshot of Notre Dame's bells but I do hear the chimes of St. Michael's on each hour, albeit from my sweet corner clock.
I have no fresh baked French pastries but there is a Krispy Kreme near by. Hey Dan! Start the van, I'll just grab my purse....
Have a wonderful Monday ya'll.
Suzie Q


Missy's Blog said...

There is nothing on earth as good as a freshly cooked Krispy Kreme donut ... oh my gosh!! I am soooooo craving them right now. Too bad it's 20 miles away or Griffin and I would hop in the car for a snack! Did you happen to watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition last night? They sent the family to Paris, France while they redid their house ... it was amazing!

Cindy said...

They opened a Krispy Kreme near me about a year ago and now it's already closed.

And yes, I did get my pig with the chalkboard at Target. I love Target!

Cheryl Wray said...

Your place sounds heavenly!!
Don't even get me started on Krispy Kremes. Whenever we drive by the one near us, if the Hot Now sign is on we are inside buying some--whether we just ate supper, if it's midnight, whenever . . . LOL
My oldest daughter is going to Paris and London this summer. Just a tad bit jealous I am . . .

Andi said...

Bon jour! I too dream of Paris in the springtime! I think I may have to settle for a trip to Epcot and having a french pastry there! Then of course I'm always happiest at home with our little Bully.

Shirlee said...

My son would love to go to New York city. He's got the trip all planned with a stop at the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building at the top of his list. Kids really put a lot of thought into something that's important to them. :)