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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Day

Morning at last: there in the snow
Your small blunt footprints come and go.
~Philip Larkin
We shall walk in velvet shoes:
Wherever we go Silence will fall like dews
On white silence below. We shall walk in the snow.
~Elinor Wylie
The Great Snow!
How cheerful it is to hear of! ~Henry David Thoreau


Andi said...

How beautiful!

Valerie said...

absolutely beautiful.
you do nice work!

RoseMary said...

Beautiful pictures. I love snow.

Jen said...

Oh I so hope you guys send that snow to NJ :)

What kind of dog is Kipper? He's awful cute

Sheila said...

Great pictures, Sue! Pretty as a postcard! We had snow today too.

Jolene George said...

Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! I love them so much!

Deb said...

Great snow pictures & quote - I love Kippers freckles!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

beautiful photos!