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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Quick Little Post

Today was my first full day with little Mallory. Is she just the cutest or what? She just turned 3 months old & is such a good, can you tell Grace LOVES to help? I was lucky I got to do anything for Mallory once Grace came home from school. Oh, except changing a poopy diaper. M'Lady does NOT do poop. That is for the scullery staff, IE, Me.
Just 2 girls chillin'....
Now, I thought I would share this photo. My natural beauty. Um....this is what I get for allowing Grace to *play* dress up with a Barbie make up kit last night. And no, she was NOT emulating her Mommy! How can you even think such a thing? Why, I wear a lot more make up than this! Really! It takes a lot of pancake and slather to make this old dame look lovely. Okay, I am teasing but hey....
When I asked her if *she* was happy with the results, she just smiled and said, "Well Mommy,
I think I look like a movie star." let's see. Which movie star does my daughter resemble? Bingo! Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard"! Theda Bara? Rudolph Valentino? Let's hope Mom can help her learn to apply make up with a *light* touch when the time comes. If for no other reason than we won't be able to afford that much eye shadow and blush! We would have to take out a second mortgage just to pay for the lip gloss alone! What did she use....acrylic paint? Sears Weather Beater House Paint??
Egads....we may have a lot to deal with someday....
I hope you are all well....I will be *visiting* you all after I finish a bit of clean up and laundry.
Bill arrives about 11pm. Yippeee! How we miss him....
Suzie Q


TK Angels said...

Hi-now I thought I saw that lipstick in your purse the other day with that beautiful eye shadow? Just kidding.

Wow-Mallory is beautiful!!

Give Bill my love and we will talk to you this weekend sometime.


LisaOceandreamer said...

That wee baby is so adorable, how fun to have her to take care of.
I get such a kick out of Grace, she's such a girly girl!! She'd be so fun to have tea parties and play dress up with. lol! (ok, how old AM I? it's that inner child thing)
So happy your Bill is coming home for a visit.

Valerie said...

oh send Miss Grace out here for a weekend with her Auntie! i shall indulge her in Disneyland AND in Sephora, a local beauty superstore that makes me drool to think about it! 'course Bill will probably be agin' it...just mention it as he's leaving!! :o)

enjoy your husband, missy...i know how it feels to have them home!

Sheila said...

How grown up Grace looks next to the infant..!
Sweet girls both of them. Having had a daughter myself, I smiled at the make up application..good luck with that..LOL

Jen said...

I think Grace did great with the makeup...colors are a little off for her skin tone, LOL but she did good!

Have fun with Bill :)

Andi said...

How adorable your little Diva Grace is!!! What a girlie girl...loves the color pink and makeup. Save this picture to show her one day.

Little Mallory is a cutie. Perhaps Grace plans to be a "Trump". I hear they don't "do diapers" either!!!

So glad your Bill is coming home for the weekend. I know you're thrilled as well.

jafabrit said...

pics are great, especially of grace and the baby lying down.

you are a very good photograher, of course you have very good models :)

Cheryl Wray said...

LOVE those pics of the baby!! How cute!!!!!
The pics of Grace with the makeup are priceless!! My girls were always the same way--they could really PILE it on!!

RoseMary said...

What a sweet darling baby. And Grace is lovely, as always. I'm sure the 'star' girl will get plenty of chances with poopy diapers in the future!

RaNae said...

Hiya Susie just checkin in Hope your enjoying your time with Bill Your mom is a Cutie and Grace is beautiful no matter what lol I remeber the fun I used to have with play makeup. Your new baby girl is adorable lucky you.

Hugh Grant said...

I think I saw you daughter on Third St. in downtown Dayton.SHe will fight to look like this when she is 12.And probably win.

Sheila said...

Sue, those pictures are just precious! Mallory is just the cutest little thing, and Grace looks like a natural feeding her the bottle! Isn't it nice to have such great helpers?
Grace would love playing with the 6-year old girl that I babysit.. she loves to put makeup on too!

Melissa said...

That baby is an absolute doll! And that makeup is bringing back memories of my own childhood!

You could do a scrapbook page with this picture and the lyrics to "I adore being a girl!"

Jolene George said...

What a beautiful little baby!
Grace looks like she had a blast playing with make up. I know I did at her age and I'm sure I applied it just like that. When she's older she'll appreciate your gentle touch makeup tips.
Enjoy your time with Bill! :o)