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Monday, January 08, 2007

We Have An Address!

Okay ladies! Now, let me or Andi know who would like to take turns at sending boxes...and, do you have one month or another that is better for you?

We can all work it out...I can get the ball rolling this month just to get it started but if one of you wishes to be first, PLEASE just let me know! Hey, I'm easy! The most important thing is we let him know we all care! Right? Right!

Andi? It was YOUR idea to send monthly boxes and I do not want to push my way in! Ladies? Andi has some great ideas and I am betting that Jolene can fill us in on Chad's favorite things!

Just email (or post in our comment areas) Andi or me and let us know when you would like to send your care package!

Thanks are all the best! And thank you dear Andi for this idea...a box each month is a super plan! We can keep him awash in goodies and things he can share with the other's in his outfit. They are all heroes but Chad is OUR hero!

PVT George, Chad

2125 GSU-Delta Co.

1-158 Inf. Azarng

3238 Butner Road

Fort Bragg, NC 28310

Thanks so much dear friends! Bloggers are amazing!

Hugs, Suzie Q


TK Angels said...

I'm in-just let me know when.


Andi said...

Wonderful! If you want to take January, I can take February! Yes, Jolene needs to let us know what he likes, wants and needs. His favorite kind of candy and cookies is useful information as well. Jolene, I trust you're reading this!!!

I know Ben requested word puzzle books and the bright colored squishy balls...I think they may be called Smurf Balls...that he could had out to children in Iraq.

jafabrit said...

I can do March or April. Can you send me info on what types of things I can put in the box and what month I am given.

Cheryl Wray said...

Such a sweet, sweet idea!!

Leona said...

I will do May! Since no one has picked it yet

Jolene George said...

This whole thing excites me! Thank you!

Coleen said...

What month do I get???

I have the box half packed already!

Thanks for helpng to organize this. Such a wonderful thing for us all to do.

I will be sending my blog visitors here to take part too!

Valerie said...

ok. you KNOW i have to be in.
i can take June, and would also love to know what kind of goodies Chad would like!

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