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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh David...

Woody, tell us what to do!
David Letterman's Top Ten Reasons
for Ohio State Fans to Look on the Bright Side
10. The Buckeyes owned the first 16 seconds of the game
9. Only lost by 7 the 2nd half of the game
8. Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy
7. The Buckeye defense stopped the Gators on 4th down on their last drive
6. The OSU cheerleaders didn't have much opportunity to mess up their hair or make-up
5. Low probability OSU coaching staff will be recruited to fill open head coaching positions in the off season
4. The football team can now better empathize with the basketball team
3. Beat the other Number 2 team they played
2. No SEC Team on the schedule next season
1. The Ohio State marching band put on a DAMN fine show (playing the music from the movie “TITANIC”).
I am late to do this...I guess I was still in denial *snicker* but I do want to wish those of you who are Gator fans a belated congratulations! Your team deserved the win and well, out played us. BIG time. *shaking head*
Poor old Woody has been *spinning* ever since...
Take care all and have a wonderful Friday and remember...
"Always look on the bright side of life...whistle..."


Jolene George said...

You have been a busy blogger today. I've been in your kind of mood all week so you're certainly not alone dear friend...and it's okay! We are all here for each other, but I'm heading to bed now because my eyes are burning and my head is killing me. I'll check in with you in the morning.
((((HUGE HUGS))))

TK Angels said...

I think Woody was at a loss for words :(


jafabrit said...

I spied your teapot on the mantle. I hope you enjoy a cup of rosy lea ( cup of tea) as you peruse your book about London. I can do a mean cockney accent having spent 7 years living in London. I should show you my collection of teapots (and I mean a lot LOL). I have one in the shape of a plum pudding.

are you feeling better?

Andi said...

Until next season!

Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, that was hilarious!! I missed it on Letterman for some reason!
I'm not a Gators fan, but I was that night! (I'm a Bama fan, of course, and we have to absolutely support our conference so I was SEC all the way for that game!)
Chin up... the good thing about sports is there's always next year!1 (That's what we said all this year through our horrendous season. LOL We'll get em next year!)