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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Old, Outdated?

Uh huh...that's me!
 Well, me and perhaps my decor as well.
Am I the only living, breathing lady left in bloggy world
who still likes brass?

This is a photo of my entry way. I took this yesterday and yes. I still have a brass 
light fixture and brass door accents. I love brass! Always have, still do!
Oh, and guess what? I still love oak! Yikes right?

I have had to come to the cold. hard fact that I am a teensy
 out of step, out dated and just plain old but proud of it!

Now, am I the ONLY one left?
 *listening for an echo*

Susie Q

Monday, March 25, 2013


The calendar says it's Spring but one peek out of my 
door and it looks anything but!

But you know? I love the 
sweet quiet of a school snow day with Grace.

Love the twinkling fairy tale world Mother Nature painted...

But inside Grace and I are preparing for Spring by decorating 
for Easter!

Rabbits abound here at the cottage...

We went outside and snipped a few branches...

...then put some pretty felt pieces through Grace's die cut machine...

...added a tiny thread to each one and,
Presto! Sweet little birds flying into Spring!

Hoping that Spring is flying into your neck of the woods soon!

Susie Q

Saturday, March 09, 2013

The 3rd month of the year is here and that 
means Spring must be right around the corner.
 Here in our part of the world, the last of the grimy, sooty remnants of snow are almost gone.
 The sun peeps out more often and stays with us longer. 
The air seems so warm and breezes so soft and fresh. 
For now the gardens remain soggy, full 
of tangled brambles and broken branches.
 Ah but soon the world will burst forth with
 color and the lovely scents of the season.
 Uh huh, Spring is right around the corner.
 Ssh...can you hear it? It's coming, gently, 
on the wings of those sweetly chirping robins. 

It's almost here...

Susie Q