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Monday, January 29, 2007

Where Does The Time Go?

When Bill arrived on Thursday night, it felt like we had just so much time! He left today at 5pmand I am here wondering, "Where does all the time go?" The visit is over in a flash!
Still, a lot was accomplished and we had a lovely time as a family. Bill met with his future boss on Friday morning and they had breakfast. It was a very nice and productive meeting and I think Bill is getting excited to begin a new phase of his life. That evening we took my mom out for dinner and had a lot of fun. Grace was in a wonderfully creative, ahem, albeit silly mood and I was just so happy we still had 2 and a half more days together!
Saturday was a day of hard work! We cleaned out the storage room and re-arranged everything. We have been here 5 years and that is the longest we have ever lived in one home! Things begin to pile up don't they? How does THAT happen!? Hmmmm....well. After much effort, it all looks great!
It is almost open & roomy enough for me to rent out space! Okay, so I AM exaggerating but hey, Bill, Grace and I actually did a little dancing in it! There was room! A little soft shoe....tappity tap....
Bill took 3 vans full of things to Goodwill. Some really nice things....out grown clothes, household things that we no longer need or want, decorations that we no longer get the picture. Things I know that someone will find useful or just love. At least I hope so.
We cleaned up the basement/family room and it, once again, looks like a cozy part of the house, not a repository for Christmas decorations and household items we have no room to put anywhere upstairs!
If I had done all of the work alone, it would have taken days (and nights!) and not been a bit of fun. But with all of us pitching in, it went quickly and was a lot a silly fun too. Oh how I wish I had taken a picture of Bill wearing The Wiggles, "Dorothy the Dinosaur" hat! Now that would have been a keeper!
After we cleaned up a bit, we ordered a Doubleday's Monster Pizza and fixed a Caesar salad.
One of my buddies dropped by and she ate with us. After dinner, we all settled in and watched, "Akeelah and the Bee". If you have not seen it, we would heartily recommend it to you and your family! Sweet, uplifting and so well done. The little girl who plays Akeelah will tug at your heartstrings until you think they will break! Grace simply adored this film, as did all of us.
I was happy because I still had a full day and a half left!
Sunday was an early to rise day. We picked up Mom and headed to church. We were all becoming members of our new church and there were photos they wanted taken. We then went to our last membership class while Grace tried Sunday School again. She is finally coming out of her shell a
bit where it is concerned!
At 11am we all went to the sanctuary for the service and our group was welcomed as new members. A really nice group of folks who can not seem to wait to be of use in the community and service to the church. That is wonderful to see. The minister asked us all to wait in a receiving line to be greeted after services ended. Now, Grace is usually no shrinking violet anymore but hates doing such things. Still, she acquiesced and stood there....bouncing back and forth on her toes and heels. The minister was just to Bill's left and he was getting a real kick out of her behavior. And oh what a kick he got when she said, in a voice just loud enough for ALL to hear, "Mommy! Do we hafta do this every Sunday? 'Cause if I do, I will just faint!" Diva in training? Nope...Diva already experienced and well practiced I am afraid!
When a very dear elderly parishioner asked Grace what she liked best about the church, our sensitive princess answered, " You guys gots really good doughnuts!" Thankfully the lady had a good sense of humor!
Our minister leaned in and tried to explain that she was just being welcomed by everyone since her family were among the *newest members* of the church. Now, this is where we wonder what goes through her head and what words she still has trouble understanding. She shot him a VERY perplexed
expression, rolled her eyes and said, "Well, my parents never tell me anything! I can't believe we bought a whole church!!"
So, she is good for a few guffaws if nothing else!
We had lunch at O'Charley's, ran a few errands and took Mom home. It was so cold....the wind was fierce and the temperatures were really dropping. Just a few snow flakes dancing on the cold breezes but oh how frigid they were. I had chosen to wear a skirt out and regretted that decision the minute we stepped from of the van in the church parking lot! Whoa! I almost did a Marilyn Monroe, "Seven Year Itch" number! Except I was colder, not on a street grate and not quite as body beautiful as Marilyn was! Other than that you get the picture I am sure!
Mom had the family over for dinner later that evening. Chili and all the good, especially on such a cold night.
We watched a lot of the "Red Carpet" shenanigans
at The Screen Actor's Guild Awards show...even our Daniel got into a bit of critiquing! But it seems he just did not find a problem with all that actress cleavage like his Grandma did! Imagine that! A 24 year old young man who did NOT find that objectionable! Amazing!
And I was happy because I still had a whole half day left...
I had Mallory today of course but Bill and I played with her together. When she went down for her first nap, Bill went out to run a few errands. He brought home "Chipotle" for lunch. Oh how I LOVE their food. He got some for Grace and Dan too and they chowed down when they each came in this afternoon. Oh how Grace loves her guacamole!
All too soon it was time for Bill to drag the suitcase back out to the car and head for the airport. Yes, he will be back in 10 days. Yes, he will only have to go back one more time after that visit. Yes, at the end of February he will be home to stay. Still, I am a bit blue and wondering, "where did all the time go?"
I miss you Billy....hurry back!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Stay well and enjoy your week is almost February!
Suzie Q


TK Angels said...

I can picture Grace in all her glory making those wonderful comments.

Glad you all are welcome at your new church and what fun it will be.

So happy that Bill will be home soon-for good. I will looke forward to all the visits we will have.

Take care and love to all

LisaOceandreamer said...

Your Grace really sounds like quite a character...I can tell you and she have fun together. So glad Bill was home even if it was shorter than you'd like, soon it will be full time, soon!
You have such a wonderful family!

Tammy said...

I'm ever so glad to meet ya, Suzie Q!!
I live near Columbus if you were wondering!
I love your blog!!
Saw the recipe for stuffed peppers and was drooling...I wondered what to make for supper tonight...

Sue said...

Nice to meet you Susieq, my Dad used to call me that too! Nice blog, I love the pics, you got a good eye! The recipes sound yummy too, I"ll be back for more!

Sheila said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Sue! Don't you just love clearing out rooms and getting rid of things you don't need any more? I feel so organized after doing that. The only difference is that when I do it with MY husband, there's no dancing, laughing, or fooling around. He gets all crabby about having to get rid of his precious JUNK. So there are tons of arguments.
You made me giggle when you said you almost did a "Marilyn Monroe" LOL!
Have a great day!!

Sioux said...

A wonderful weekend. I'm sorry it had to end. I remember the year Raf taught about 150 miles away and came home only at the weekends...and then sometimes not then. It was hard, but we got through it.

Your new church sounds so welcoming. Good for you and for them.

Have a great week.

smilnsigh said...

Dear Susie Q, you commented in my Blog {}, and I've come over to meet you.

You too, are a lover of 'Victoria' magazines. And, if that were not enough, you live in a Cottage! Oh I adore cottages!!! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.

And you ask to link my Blog, on yours. Heavens, you are the sweetest! Of course you may.

And last but not least, no worry... I don't wish anyone {myself included} to have to always leave comments. It's just that the issue of how to deal with the Comments-thing, has always been such a problem, to me. -sigh- Which is so silly, I know.

I found my "Pretty Blog Land," and joined it, to have a place of calm, cozy refuge. Very silly of me, to add a Worry to it. A Worry about how to deal with comments.

But... that's me. Always fighting off the tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill. -chuckle- My Life's Work, I guess. -smile-

So, I'm pleased to meet you. I'll be stopping by. And please don't have a bit of a worry, about comments, with me.

Hugs, 'MN'

RoseMary said...

What a great weekend you had! That Grace is adorable. I'm so happy for you that Bill will be home to stay in another month. Time will go fast for you!

Susie said...

Hi Susie Q,
Saw the link to your site at Tammy's!
I'm a Susie married to a Bill also!
We have a cat, but no dog!!
I'll be back to read a bit more about you when I have some more time.
Stop in anytime!

Pamela said...

SusieQ, just wanted to stop by and welcome you to blogging! Over here from Tammy's A Kentucky Gal's blog.

Sounds like you have been up to your elbows with the move. Nice that the church is making you feel at home, as well. :)

wendy said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend. What a lovely time you had. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Milo Doesn't like his bath!! He likes his treaty after though, and a hug from Lew.

Andi said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful even though it went entirely too fast. They always do!!!

Love hearing Lady Grace's comments after church. A receiving line can be a bit much when you're 8 years old and a Diva!!!

Granny said...

I see my friend Susie from CA got here ahead of me. I'm a slowpoke.

Tammy (Kentucky Gal) asked us to drop over and say hi.

Ann (aka granny)

Valerie said...

where do i begin?!
1) SO glad you had a great weekend with Bill, even if was work, work, work and buying a new church! :o)
(cannot wait to see what happens as Grace grows up!! tee hee!)
2) Brendan cannot STAND me watching all those award shows, but somehow, seems to be VERY interested in the pre-show...with all the girlies with their ta-tas showing...somehow, there's no complaining then!
3) believe or not, i am shy. and i would SO hate being singled out in church for introductions or visiting a new i would die right along with Miss Grace.
4) come on's ONLY 10 days! it just seems like sooo long until they come home, then it's like they never left!