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Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve Doins'

It was a sweet evening and a nice way to say goodbye to 2006. Quiet and happy, just the way we like it.
We had dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, North China. The food is great and the folks who run it are the dearest people. Dan, Grace, Bill, Mom and me were joined by two of my oldest and dearest friends, T and P. We shared laughter and food and
reminisces of the year.
After a relaxing dinner we headed to T.'s to watch the new year arrive. Dan headed out to his girlfriend's home but we stayed at T.'s with Mom and P. for cheesecake, killer brownies and lemon bars! Oh, that and the Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci Fi channel! Okay, we are happy with such simple things but it was FUN!

I LOVE this picture. Grace just ran over to her Grandma and jumped in her lap. I think they kinda like one another wouldn't you say?
And don'tcha LOVE T.'s red walls, white couches and red and white pillows?


Jolene George said...

Your new years eve celebrations sounds wonderful! Great pictures and yes, I think they might like each other just a little bit. ;o) Happy New Year to you sweet Sue!!! I count my blessings for friends like you.

Amy said...

You do good pictures, too, my dear.

I get such a giggle about your description of yourself in all your roles. I'll have you know, though, that Queen or not, I have at least 5 herds of dust bunnies. I win that contest hands down!

Thanks for your friendship!


Jen said...

Happy New Year to you Sue!