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Saturday, January 13, 2007

This And That And A Whole Lot Of Rain

What a dreary, rainy day. I am thinking about building an ark...I have the 2 cats but I will need to add the rest. Let's see, I need one more dog, a couple of aardvarks, 2 humpback whales and dos naked mole rats. Anyone know where I can score those? Oh, and I need a whole lot of litter, hay and some nails. And a Mochachino machine. For the penguins you know. They LOVE a good Mochachino. Really. I left the house at 7:15 today. I KNOW! On a rainy, dark Saturday morning! Am I crazy? Well, we all know the answer to that question but I did have a good reason to be up early today. I took the Red Cross re-certification class for Infant and Child CPR. It had been awhile and I thought it a good idea. I will be watching our neighbor's new daughter 3-4 days a week and it is always a nice idea to be up to date. At least that will be one thing I am up to date on... clothes? Nope. Hair style? Naw...just this, oh yeah. Oh! Andi! I think it was you who asked about the candle I mentioned in a previous post. I LOVE Yankee Candles too but this new one is a Wood Wicks Caramel candle. While burning, the wick sounds just like a fire crackling and the smell is soooo yummy. They have dozens of scents. I found this one at my local Hallmark store. Now, Chad's boxes...Coleen? You mentioned that you already have some things. Do you wish to do January? Otherwise, I have you pegged to do June. I just want everyone to be happy and Chad to have surprises every month! Just let me know okay? I can bump myself if you wish to do this month. I am always bumping myself all the time anyhoo...into tables, chairs, dogs, walls... are July and Missy? You are August. I know that seems far away but time flies (well, it does when you are really old like me!) and this way, we will have wonderful things for Chad to look forward to every month! Fun for him, fun for us. Oh, don't forget to take pictures of the box and you preparing it. We can all share that with each other. Valerie? Jolene mentioned that he would just like *anything*. I always sent things to Bill and our friends each month and would choose items that were indicative of the month...and season. I also included little personal care kits, hard candy, cookies, magazines, books, little silly toys and whatever caught my eye. Just send a smile! Things can also be shared with the others in his unit too. Chocolate sometimes melts but some candies do better than others, IE, M & Ms always worked for us. Thank you, again, for this guys. You are all the best. I love ya'll. This will be such a delight for Chad I know. Mail is a HUGE thing for our troops. Get well Terri and Cindy. If you need me, CALL! I did not want to call and disturb you (just in case you were actually sleeping!). I am here... The weather is not helping anyone here! Warm and rainy and then cold and icy. I am thinking we should all file a complaint...yeah, told ya I was crazy! Okay, I need to run and get Grace ready for an afternoon birthday party! A bowling extravaganza! I will visit all my blog friends later tonight...I hope you are all having a nice day, no matter what the weather is in your neck of the woods. Or leg of the pasture, stomach of the glen or ear of the city. I myself live in the elbow of the municipality. And that rain is beginning to pool up in the crook of that elbow. Darn. Hugs,
Suzie Q


The French Nest said...

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to relax and take time out for ourselves. Hope you have a great weekend!

Andi said...

I have one more dog...but I come with him! And you have to leave "yucky" animals off the ark this time mice or rats or bad snakes.

Congratulations on your re-certification for infant and child CPR. Robin will be proud of you. She's our Red Cross Queen! They even teach Pet CPR here!

Thanks for the info on the WoodWick candle. I may have to try one. Your picture with your post looks pretty. You have quite a gift for grouping and arranging things. I may post a photo of a little school desk I have with a challange to have my blogger friends tell me how to stage it. It looks so empty with just an old school book, report card and wooden apple. Not sure what else to do with it.

We have an "event" tonight so I need to get some things done here.

Love, Andi

Cheryl Wray said...

Ooh, hate that you had to get out in the rain this morning. But the CPR recertfication sounds great! I was certified years ago, but haven't since. I really should do that.
I hate to gloat about our weather, but . . .I'm wearing shorts right now and it is currently 72 degrees outside. So, I've had the doors open doing some cleaning and also some crafty activities that involved me being outdoors.Love days like this! Only thing is that it makes me falsely think that it will just keep getting warmer and warmer on into summertime. Nope--it's just January! ha!
That candle sounds FANTASTIC!! Yummy!
Have fun bowling!!

Billy said...

Congrats on getting the re-cert done!

Love you and miss you bunches!