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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Delightful Surprises

Well, how could anyone feel down for long when there are people like all of you out there! And when there are dear sons who fix dinner (Okay, so he ordered a pizza but he did make a salad for us too!), daughters who giggle, dogs who love to snuggle and cats who purr happily just because you are near... How can I be sad when there are good friends and family who call just to say hi... When I have a warm, safe home and, even if he is far away, a husband who calls just to say "I love you". Then there are the surprises that appear at your door. Look what came today! The mail service took their time getting it here but it finally arrived! Straight from England and the hands of talented little stars and this precious red heart. All wrapped up so sweetly in red tissue and gingham ribbon. Ah...the things that can turn a dreary day into one that seems to glow. Hugs, Suzie Q


Shirlee said...

What a wonderful package you received. Your day is ending on a good note.

Cherry Menlove said...

Oh thank goodness they arrived. A little too late for the season they were intended for but at least they arrived. If I thought about it for too long I could get REALLY cross with the postal service.

Cherry xxxxx

Andi said...

How wonderful to receive a special package!