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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Big Apple

Well, I just wanted to say bye for now....tomorrow we jet off to the Big Apple!
I just can not wait to see Grace's face in New York City! I will always remember the first time we took Danny. He was so were we to show it all to him!
We will take lots of pictures (Bill bought me a new camera as a surprise!) and tell you all about our trip when we return.
Of course, on Wednesday, we will be seeing two of the "Lions of Broadway" perform in "Inherit The Wind". Uh huh...Brian Dennehy and Christopher Plummer. How cool is that? In Today's "Parade" insert someone asked about Brian and Christopher...where did they stand among the greats....the paper chose Brian as number 1 of stage actors working today. Chris was 4th I think...
And no, it was not ME who wrote the article!! But seeing them work together will be a dream. AND....we will be meeting our Jen and her daughter!! Now how really COOL is that?? I am just a little excited...can you tell? Okay, the dancing feet and tapping fingers and shaky knees and incessant humming gave me away huh? I will miss you all and will catch up with your blogs at the end of the week. I WILL be thinking about you and wish you a safe, happy and *Spring weather like* week ahead! Be good to are all SO special to me. So, so special.
Susie Q

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Guy

My Guy....Guys!
It was a long road to become a family of 3 but I won't take up too much of your time relating it all here. Just know that
our son was VERY wanted, very loved and that his Dad and I were so excited we could barely contain ourselves.
The morning Daniel arrived, we left our home in Virginia Beach early and drove to the City of Brotherly Love. We got settled in our hotel room, ate dinner and then decided we just wanted to get to the airport and walk....and walk....and walk. Miles I would guess. Around and around, back and forth. Storms would fire up and ease, blow in again and stop.
Our son arrived at 10:30 pm, on April 26th, 1990. He was escorted from Seoul, Korea to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He landed in a blinding rain storm on one of the hottest April days Philadelphia had ever seen!
But oh that just radiated. As he reached us, he grinned and bowed. Uh huh. Bowed. We melted and that was that. He was our son and we were his parents. Nothing would ever break that bond.
This picture was taken on the flight line, Naval Air Station Norfolk. Bill had been flying carrier qualifications all day. Danny had been with us just one week. Just 2 weeks after this picture was taken Daddy left for an 8 week carrier training mission. Danny and I went to visit his Grandparents in Tennessee. What fun he had! He and my parents quickly bonded and he loved swimming and playing and learning how to tie his Mommy around his finger really fast! Then things hit the skids....instead of coming home for months, Bill's ship (and the squadrons on board) were quickly deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of first, Desert Shield and then Desert Storm. It would be almost 9 months until we saw him again. As difficult as it was for Danny and for me, it was horrible for Bill. He would miss Daniel's first day of school, first Halloween, first Thanksgiving, first name it. But you know? I have always been sure that it was because of Daniel that I stayed as calm as I did...held things together. I always thought that if Bill had to be away for more than 6 months (and that was always bad enough), especially due to conflict, I would fall apart. Nope, I had a son to care for, help, make things right for. What a delight he was....he fully embraced his new found childhood and new home. He made friends easily, did well in school, adored his family. My brother came to stay with us and oh how they bonded. He and Dan are very different personalities but Dan says that he will always love and adore his Uncle because of what they went through together, and meant to one another, all those years ago. He had to endure many times away from Dad, moving to several different states, changing schools quite often....he always handled each trial with a smile and a joke. Bill's Naval Retirement, 2005. Dan received a special award for his " Service To Country" as the son of a Military Veteran.
We have hundreds of wonderful pictures in albums of Danny but few in my computer. The scanner decided to be belligerent for me today so I have included just a few here. Dan is not fond of having photos taken but he will pose on holidays or for his sister. This was from Christmas 2006, with his gift from Grace. Thanksgiving 2006
at Grandma's....
New Year's Eve 2006/07 at our favorite Asian restaurant.
This young man has been such a joy. Not perfect, sometimes a royal pain as all kids are, but he is, and will always be our joy. He is a fantastic big brother to Grace and she thinks he is top drawer!
He is finishing up college, studying Psychology, and works as a software engineer at a local company. We are so proud of him.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Of Artistic Expression And A Chubby Sharon Stone

Tonight was the Art Fair at Grace's school. She had several pieces included but this was her favorite. I guess you all know by now that the girl loves color! Deep, vibrant and rich. This painting just makes me happy! I had my hair cut and colored this afternoon and ran a few errands. Bill got home early and stayed with the little one I watch every day. She adores Bill! If she had HER druthers, Bill would be her daily caregiver. She squeals with delight when she sees him! The man has a way with the ladies I guess.... Andi asked if I had a lot of people in China take my photo and try to meet me....uh huh! It was crazy at times! My popularity was due to 2 basic things. (And I am SURE that THOSE 2 things were PART of it too!!) I am blond and I am, well, let's just say, not a small woman. I have never been so in demand! Our group was calling me *Sharon Stone*...."Ohhhh Shhaaarrrooonnn, more of your fans coming this waaayyyy"....and not just boys. Teenage girls too. We were at the zoo and a group of about 10 girls started screaming and running toward me. I had to pose for pictures with each one. I was, how shall I say this, *hit* on by some handsome young men too. With all those stunning young Chinese women, these poor deluded boys were hitting on ME! Now, I KNOW I looked quite a bit different than the women they were used to but sheesh. The looks on Grace's face....trying to decipher why this strange woman *knew* so many people in China! She asked one of our guides, "Why are all these people touching my new Mommy? They need to STOP! I don't LIKE it!" All of our group drew a crowd each time we were out. Westerners are not a common sight where we spent the most time. I was not the only blond nor was I the only *chubbier* Mommy in the group. I just had the deluxe combo! I was a *chubby blonde * The Daily Double!! Ding, Ding, Ding! I hit the popularity jackpot! Grace later told me that she had never seen a man as tall as Daddy (He is just barely 6 foot) ("He looks like a giant" she told the guides when she arrived) or a woman as, ahem, plump as Mommy. But, as she told me not too long ago, "I really like it now Mommy 'cause you are so very cuddly and soft." Yeah, that's me, the *softer* Sharon Stone. Autographs anyone?
Susie Q

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Girl

Just a few photos of Gracie....
This was one of the first pictures we were given....taken at the orphanage, early in 2004. The day she was brought to us....this was taken just after the orphanage director and staff members left. She was terrified of us and looking at her face still breaks my heart. I had just dried her tears and given her some of the toys we brought to her. She stopped crying but I know she was confused and afraid. She had never seen a Caucasian or been in a big city, a hotel....had never used a Western style toilet or bathtub. She spoke not a word of English and our Chinese was rudimentary at best. Thank God for our dynamite guides. They are truly angels on this Earth. Breakfast the next morning and the beginning of a smile. This was our favorite server and oh how she and Grace adored one another. This was taken a month after we brought her home. Winter 2005....with our buddy T....Oh how I loved her in those pink striped overalls. She refused to wear a dress or skirt then and my. Hasn't that changed? But not her love of pink! Easter our backyard with Daddy
Late Summer 2006....Nothing you can do could make
me untrue to my girl....
Halloween 2006
She is growing so fast and oh how there are times I just want to slow it all down. She is blossoming and glowing and such a joy. I can barely remember life before she came.
I have so many memories of our journey to both Daniel and Grace....I will begin with more of Dan's as this Friday is HIS "Gotcha Day". April 27th, 1990, our son arrived in the United States. It was the happiest day of my life....

Memories Of China

Just a few memories of China. We were there for 16 days in 2004. Wonderful food, interesting and fascinating places and history, delightful people. And yes, we did bring home something special....our new daughter!
It is almost 3 years to the day that we got the telephone call about our daughter. I will never forget the day we found out her name and saw her picture for the first time.
This was one of the first times we all went out with our new children. The Chinese people were so loving and friendly and caring. They were so sweet about us and our adoptions. We had crowds gather almost everywhere we went!
The flower market was directly across from our hotel and what a glorious sight each morning.
New flowers arriving and the prices were so low that each of us bought roses every day! What a delight!
And the children....the beautiful, precious children. Over the next few weeks I hope to do a little reminiscing about our Dan's arrival and Grace's as well. Their stories are so precious to are they.
Susie Q