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Monday, January 07, 2013

So You Want To Live Like Mary?

Well, for a sweet 2, 895, 000 you too can live at
2104 Kenwood Parkway in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Of course we all know Mary didn't own the entire house. 
Phyllis, and her never seen dentist husband Lars, had that honor!
Our heroine, Mary, lived in an attic apartment
behind those Palladian windows just behind that iron railing.

Shall we take a quick peek inside?

When the show was being filmed the attic space was, 
in reality, bare and unfinished. Later owners did create a lovely
space but still nothing like the wonderful apartment
so many of us dreamed of renting some day...

Here is a shot of how our Mary's apartment looked!

Mary with her landlord, Phyllis Lindstrom.

I wanted a cookie jar just like the one Mary had!

How the apartment looked to the audience and stage crew!

If you would like to read some interesting facts about the design of
 Mary Richard's apartment, check here:

Now go turn the world on with YOUR smile!

Susie Q