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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Day

Well, take enough photos of your friends and eventually, if you are lucky enough, one of them will ask you to photograph their wedding! I was blessed to be asked to shoot a wedding last week...the wedding of our friends Melissa and Dave. It was so much fun and such a lovely, special day. Lots of our friends were there and we met so many new friends as well. The bride was beautiful, the groom beaming! Almost nothing is more joyous than a wedding!

I wanted to share a few of the photos I took..thank you M & D for giving me this great honor!
We all love you!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a sample of the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did Someone Say 'Scream?

Hi guys. It's me, Winston and I just went to my first Dog Nite at Ritter's! It was fun. Uh huh. Really, really fun. Yup. I like car rides so when Mom and Dad said we were goin' bye bye, well, I ran really fast to the door! But I didn't know the evening was gonna get even better!
Wow! Look at this! I never saw so many dogs all in one place!

Like this doggie...

..and this one!

Him too!
And her!

Okay, I guess you get it but golly! It was way cool to see so many new dog friends!

And then, guess what? They gave me my own cup of cold stuff! Mom said my brother Kipper always called it 'scream. I never got to meet Kip but I hear he was one awesome guy. I wanna be like him so I think I will try this stuff...oh boy. Oh boy! This is the best ever!



This is my new friend Maggie. Maggie's parents are my parent's friends so's that
 makes 'em my friends too right? Isn't Maggie really pretty?

Maggie was doing' some meet and greet too...
And this is Sadie, my other new friend! Her Mom is my Mom's friend.
They went to High School together, whatever THAT is. Sadie is very pretty and nice too. She let me drink out of her cool bowl and all.

This guy was lickin' his bowl clean!

Uh oh! Ice cream headache! Ouchers!
This was a night I will remember always, or at least until I don't. But it WAS fun and I hope my parents take me back next month. Mom? Dad? Can we go get more 'scream in July? Can we? Pretty please?


**And Kip? We sure did think about you...lots of people there missed you.
You were, and will always be, the King Of Dog Nite!
We love you  Dude.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Know, I Know...

...uh huh. Yup. I know. It's been awhile since the 11th. But so much has happened in that time! Birthdays,weddings, Winston's first Dog Nite, out of town company....well, let's just say we are enjoying a general busy-ness! Today is the first full day of Summer yet it feels like we have already been swamped with all manner of  this season's fun! I sure hope your Summer will go well for you and that your days will be filled with it's sweetness.

Before I play catch up on what has been happening here at Rabbit Run in the last week, may I share our recent trip to Chicago with you? Just 2 weeks ago we were in the Windy City. Bill had a conference to attend so Grace and joined him. It's such a great town, so much to see and do. We never fail to enjoy each journey we make to the home of Wrigley Field!

Love the theater district...I have been fortunate enough to see many exciting plays here and have never failed to be impressed. Oh, and Brian Dennehy often works here in Chicago and is on the board of The Goodman Theater here in town. Just sayin'.

I love the iconic architecture of this town...

ridin' the EL...

...and visiting the famous sights in it's parks.

And The Navy Pier is always fun, even when the weather is chilly and the skies gray!

Then there are the many museums this city has to offer...

And the comedy...oh the glorious comedy! This was the 4th time we have been to The Second City. Almost every famous comedian sharpened their wit on it's stages...from Jerry Stiller to John Belushi...

We saw Tine Fey here when she was an unknown member of the comedy troupe, as well as Stephen Colbert. Both were stand outs then and it didn't surprise me at all they have achieved the fame they have enjoyed.

One young man we saw perform on this trip was truly talented. I will be watching to see if he too joins the ranks of these comedians.

We love to stop in one of the cozy coffee shops...

...try a new Asian bistro...

..dine on deep dish pizza...

..and find a new favorite restaurant! On this trip we discovered Eleven City Diner!  We had seen it featured on The Cooking Channel and just had to stop in! It was wonderful! Great service, delicious food, fun ambiance.

If you visit Chicago soon, do drop in the will NOT be disappointed! Right Gracie?

Until next time...