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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Thoughts Of A Child

These are silhouettes that we had done at Disney World, Dan's in 1992 and Grace's in 2005. We had the same artist each time which make them even more special to us. These hang just beside my dressing table. I smile each time I glance their way...
On Friday Grace brought home 2 very sweet things. The first was a drawing of her brother (as a penguin which was quite fun and silly!) and a list of her favorite things. Here is the list...
1. I love mash potatues.
2. I love to wach the Diznee shows on the tv.
3. I love to be with my family and my kitins and dog.
4. I love my scool.
5. I love to play games and do art with my brither.
The second little treasure...her teacher asked the class to list things that make us all different and how we can all be better human beings.
1. Peepul do not have to dress in the same close.
2. Some peaple look diffrent. That is ok.
3. Peaple talk diffrent words but that is ok.
4. It is ok if we like diffrent things.
5. It is a good thing to be diffrent.
6. Peaple should be nice to everyone.
7. If you are nice, people will be nice to you.
8. If someone is mean to people than you should help them.
9. Do not fight with people.
10. Give love to people and be nice.
Words to live by...and yes, Mom did notice that she eventually spelled *People* correctly! Oh, and I love "mash potatues" too!
Suzie Q


Andi said...

Oh how sweet! I love the silhouettes...and mash potatues as well! Grace's list is wonderful and yes, a treasure. People should be nice to everyone!

Shirlee said...

Young Grace did a wonderful job on her list of how to make the world a better place. Words to live by.

Naturegirl said...

Out of mouths of babes! Sweet post!

Jen said...

Wow, very cool. She is a smart cookie

wendy said...

That is so sweet. I miss my kids being younger. Always something to smile about ;-}