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Friday, January 05, 2007

What a Delightful Day For An Odd Duck

It is dark and dreary and pouring rain. But you know, I actually LOVE this sort of weather. And yes, in answer to that question forming in your head, I AM an odd duck! Of course, I LOVE it when I can just stay inside and listen to it on the roof. Today I have to be out IN it. Hmmm...maybe I need to seriously re think this rainy weather love thing. Still, it COULD be snow...but then, I LOVE snow. Have I ever told you that I am an odd duck? I just wanted to pop in and say howdy. I don't have a lot of time to post today but need to send a few wishes...
Jolene? I am thinking about you. I have *some* understanding of how you feel...helpless and frightened and proud and, well, if anyone is strong enough to get through this, it is YOU. God will keep Chad safe. I have NO doubt. There are so many of us praying for that and I DO believe in the power of prayer! I know you will miss him terribly. I am thinking about dear Sandy as well...this is so hard for you both. I know what it is like to send the man you love away...and I know what it is like to be a young man's Mom. God Bless you both.
I am sending hugs to you dear friend.
Sheila! I am so happy the car sold! You will have such fun learning all about the new one and taking *her* out for a spin. Just enjoy!
Jen? I am so sorry to hear that *another one bit the dust*, well, so to speak! I am glad to hear that you are staying well and I do wish I was close enough to help! I am sending a hug and a get well wish to all the kids!
Cheryl? I LOVE that list on today's post. Must be just one of the reasons I think you are very special!
Missy? The snowmen are delightful and you ARE a real talent!
Valerie? I hope you are feeling better...take care of yourself okay?
Terri? We will chat soon...I just needed a few days to *suffer in silence* over the job stuff. *grin*
On that note...things are moving in a more positive way where Bill's future job at home is concerned. I will keep you all posted. Unfortunantly, we are probably looking at weeks or a couple of months instead of *days* but, if he is home by Grace's BD, we will all be happy. Just keep him in your thoughts!
And to all my other dear blog friends...I am thinking about you...I will be back to post and to visit your special spots and leave messages...soon!
You all give my heart a reason to smile.
Suzie Q


Missy's Blog said...

Sue ... I love the new look of your blog.

It's raining cats & dogs & frogs & snails here today too ... but I made a trip uptown anyway.

Hopefully those "weeks" and "months" will turn into really quick "days".

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jen said...

Thank you Andi....It's light rain here today too. I oddly enough like the rain too, I don't care for bright sunshine

2 are good, 1 still down. Mom still good so that's a thumbs up!!

Sheila said...

Sue, it's raining here today too! Sounds like it's way pretty much that way all over today! Thanks for the good wishes on the car. And hang in there, weeks seem to fly by so fast, Bill will be home before you know it. {{hugs}}

Cheryl Wray said...

Susie Q--you're so cute!!! We love you too! (So sweet to get a shout out here!)
I'm funny too! I love to sit at home and just listen to the rain falling on the roof overhead. But I'm not a big fan of getting out in it--which i had to do today. But .. . the reward was a really good lunch at Olive Garden. So it was worth it, I guess. LOL
Have a super weekend!!

Sammy Hagar said...

Yes,you are an ODD duck. No arguement.

Valerie said...

right back atcha, sweetie!!

p.s. - i love the rain,'s the latent Oregon gene in me. the Husband thinks i'm totally insane.

perhaps he right?

Susie Q said... in case any of you are wondering, me thinks that the person signing in as Sammy Hagar is none other than my brother. And yes, he DOES think I am an odd duck. I likes me anyway though...: )


Shirlee said...

I laughed when I saw your post title because two phrases I use all the time are "odd duck" as in referring to someone and "ducks in a row" referring to myself and how I like to have a sense of order to things. :)
Have a great weekend.

Coleen said...

We sure have a lot of blogging buddies to be thankful for in addition to those in our non-blog world!