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Saturday, August 11, 2007


We stopped by our local farm stand Thursday afternoon to get our usual delicious goodies. They have a lovely zinnia bed from which the children can choose a few flowers to take home. I was also delighted to see that their sunflowers were open and beaming. Grace was all in black and white for "Penguin Day" at Vacation Bible School. This week's school had an aquatic theme.... Grace had such a good time, especially since I originally had to cajole her into going at all! I was posted in arts and crafts and loved every minute! It was so busy but such fun. Oh the little morsels you get from young children....I have taught both in elementary schools and pre-schools. Being back with little ones this week was sweet and, to quote Art Linkletter, "kids say the darndest things" don't they? We made suncatchers one day and I was explaining that these could be placed in a house or a car. One little boy said his Mom already had suncatchers every where in the house. I suggested he put this one "in his car". "Gee whiz teacher! I don't have a car! I am ONLY 6 ya know!" One group was nicknamed the "Nestea Plungers". At the end of the week, one particuarly precious little girl asked if I could answer a question. "Why does they think we are so *nasty*. I been trying to figure that out ALL week!" One little boy asked me if Jesus went to Bible School when he was little. I answered that I didn't think they had Bible School at that time. "Oh boy. Jesus sure missed some fun didn't he Teacher?" We made little prayer pillows one day. One little girl chose orange and black as her pillow's colors. She announced that she was making a "Cincinnati Bengal prayer pillow" because, "My Daddy says they need all the prayers they can get!" We made bubble bath yesterday. When adding the coloring, one little guy asked what he could use to make the bubbles brown. He said, "If I gotta take a bubble bath, at least I can pretend it is mud." I was asked how much the church paid me to teach at Bible School. When I said that I was paid nothing, that I was volunteering because I enjoyed it, the 8 year old said, "Next year, try to enjoy it a little less and maybe they will pay you!" And so it goes....


Andi said...

Oh how cute! Yes, kids do say the darndest things!

Now show us what Grace made in the arts and crafts portion of Bible School please!

She looks so pretty with the flowers.

T*mmy said...

LOVED this post!!

Jen said...

oh you had some witty ones, lol

Dawn Bibbs said...

Too cute!!! I am so blessed to get to share every day with a child that asks questions such as those. And I love it!!! I mean, the girl can ask 100 questions in 5 minute period of time...and Lord knows, I just can't keep up. But it's fun trying sometimes.

Glad you had a good time. And Miss Grace looks beautiful!!

Melissa said...

I love it! Reminds me of a conversation I had with Anna Marie last week. Seems she thinks that God knows she needs recess every day, so He's only going to let it rain on the weekends!

Sadly, a Chancery Court judge seemed to have more power than the Almightly last week, because he issued a court order prohibiting outdoor school-sponsored activity!

(All the school systems in his district sued and got it overturned - seems it interfered with football practice!)

Mama P said...

Cincinnati Bengal prayer pillow" because, "My Daddy says they need all the prayers they can get!" Classic. That, and the "make sure you enjoy it a little less so you get paid more." Ha!

justabeachkat said...

Grace in her black and white looks so cute in front of the sunflowers...gorgeous!

I love how kids think. They do say the darndest things.


Carolyn said...

Great photos with Grace. Just darlin'. And, LOL, those kiddo stories are hilarious. You are picking up where Art left off! Funny post. Really enjoyed it. Hugs! :-)

Sheila said...

I remember when my kids went to Vacation Bible school every summer when they were little. They enjoyed it so much, all the singing, games, crafts, etc. Grace looks cute in the picture!