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Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Film, By Susie Q

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Jen said...

Too cute Sue!

Diane J. said...

Great pictures, and Happy Anniversary! :-)



Terri and Bob said...

Neat film! I loved it!

Penny Carlson said...

Happy anniversary!!! What a nice group of photos....

I thought of you when I bought the Rabbit Cover cookbook :-)

PEA said...

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversaryyyyy
Haaaaaaappy Anniversary!

What a great slideshow, loved all the pictures! xoxo

T*mmy said...

Happy Anniversary!!

The Decorated House said...

Hey Sue!
What a good time I had catching up with you and all the family. Great pictures, and Happy Anniversary!

Valerie said...

how cool is that?! i loved it!
happy anniversary you two!

TK Angels said...

Loved it!! I will have to try the pics. Okay-maybe I didn't realize Dan's mustache-but we all know how handsome he is. Wow-I sure am getting old. Dan is looking like a man an not the teenager I keep thinking about *smile*

Take care,
Have fun at the reunion

Kari said...

That was great! Loved it (he really isn't too far from Dennehy in looks, now is he??)

Sheila said...

Love your slideshow, Sue!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Awww, this is too sweet! Call me crazy, but I think you're turning into a little techy! :-)

Very nice tribute to your sweet, Bill. Happy Anniversary, my friend! And I wish you many, many more.

Gretchen said...

What a lovely tribute to the awesome man you married. Blessings. xxxooogretchen

Pamela said...

he does bear a slight resemblance to Brian Dennehy