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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

3 Time's A Charm

If any of you wish to use these on your blog, or for any other reason, please do! They were all made at one of these, or Each site will add their name image and it is a free service! You can probably come up with some really wonderful things! Here are some more fnacy, schmancy name signs for ya'll!


wendy said...

These signs are wonderful, so clever!

Susie said...

You're so talented! So you don't mind if I copy the Susie & Bill one? I'd love to put it in my sidebar!

Carolyn said...

Wow! It goes on! You go, girl! These are all so special to each person, and I am truely amazed at how well you know all of us. Taking the time to make each entry is one thing, but characterizing them, is another. Awesome, Sue!! Hugs. :-)

Holy Cow said...

You have link but it's actually