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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Morning....

It was the ideal August morning...the sun was bright and welcoming and oh what lovely temperatures. Cool and crisp. It seemed especially precious after 10 days of oppressive heat. It seemed to be a gift from the Heaven. Kipper and I (Well, mostly me as Kip has yet to pass that pesky parallel parking bit) drove Gracie to her reading class. We laughed and chatted about High School Musical and her growing excitement over the debut of HSM 2 which airs this Friday! Kipper seemed non plussed. He has never really watched the movie so had nothing to add to the conversation. He tends to favor Westerns. We opened the sun roof and cracked the windows just a bit. The cool air was refreshing, and mingling with the sun's warm rays, it filled me with a renewed sense of how lucky I am to be alive. After dropping Grace off at the school's entrance, I had to smile as I watched her skip into the building. She stopped and turned, "Byeee Mommmeeee and Kippeeeee! See ya later gator!" she yelled with a perky zeal that only a nine year old can usually muster this early! Oh to have that much energy at 7:45am! I drove out of the lot and glanced over at a near by house. I have always loved this home. Brick, probably built in the 60s, very country, very early American in style. It is neat and orderly and just so pleasing to the eye. In the large Oak hangs a tire swing. I was taken by the classically Summer. So quintessentially American. How could I possibly be sour on a morning such as this?


Cheryl Wray said...

Okay, we are all SO stoked about HSM2. LOL!!! I even mentioned it in my blog today too. Great minds think alike, huh?
Send some of your cool weather my way please!! Was 103 yesterday!!!!

gold said...

I can't wait for HSM 2 myself!!
My kids don't start school until September.Sounds like Gracie was ready for school!!

jafabrit said...

We walked into town with the dogs and picked up a fresh out of the oven loaf of french bread at Emporium. Yes, this morning was GLORIOUS and I just want to walk and walk and walk. Isn't it lovely to be able to open the windows and feel the breeze and see the lace curtains flutter.

justabeachkat said...

It's still dreadfully HOT here so I'm jealous of your cool morning. It sounds wonderful. I loved the photo. We have a house in our neighborhood that on a corner and they have a tire swing hanging from a big tree too. It just makes me feel good to see it.


Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

I've got a seven year old High School Musical addict, so I can totally relate to this post!
I love seeing the kids get so excited over something like is too cute. I remember being gaga over Grease, this reminds me of that.

Rosemary said...

I am waiting for Friday as well.
I am just a kid at heart. Loved the first movie.
Glad you are having nice weather.
We finally got heat here.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

You are right- it looks so American, I love that photo! xx

Andi said...

Such a classic American home with a tire swing in the yard. Wonderful post and photo Sue!

smilnsigh said...

We've had perfect August weather around these parts too. Without the heat wave. I continue to be amazed that around here, we've not even had the sustained few days of heat/humidity, which we usually have.

How lucky is that? ^_^


Valerie said...

dang it all, i never EVER thought i'd write this...i'm waiting to see HSM2, too!

see what Hairspray can do for a girl?!

Sheila said...

Today was perfect, no humidity and a light breeze..Oh that every summer day could be like this..!
Grace is so sweet, her happiness and your appreciation of it is infectious..!

Susie said...

Hi Suzie Q,
Sounds like a perfect summer morning. Love that tire swing. My grandparents had one in their back yard that hung from their huge oak tree. Their grands, great grands, and great great grands all had such fun on it :)

Rose Mary said...

Oh, Susie Q, I 'enjoyed' your morning sooo much! What a lovely way to start the day! It is still way too hot down this way, so I'm going to enjoy all the 'cool' reading I can find.