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Monday, August 13, 2007

A List! My Kingdom For A List!

Not that my kingdom amounts to much but I do have a few lamps that might be a takers? Okay...let's see. Our Valerie sent me this list of questions before we journeyed down South. I think today is a good day for a list. I declare it List Monday. So, get out there and make a list! There is a *laundry list* of list possibilities as to what sort of list you could make. So, while you are making a list of the lists you will be listing, I will answer Valerie's List with MY list. List ready? Okay, let's list....
1) how did you & Bill meet? In a bathroom. A toilet. Okay, stop that. I am just foolin'. Well, actually it WAS a rest room. Isn't that where all the great relationships throughout history have begun? No? Well, then, we will be the first! I met Bill on May 20th, 1976. I think I have told some of this story before so won't elaborate (which, in other words, means BORE you to death) but he was headed to Gatlinburg with 2 friends, I was headed to the same destination myself with 3 friends. We all stopped at the "Welcome to Kentucky" rest stop. Bill knew one of my friends, my buddy T knew one of his, we all chatted and made plans to meet for dinner in Gatlinburg. I thought he was adorable. I batted my eyelashes and grinned at him as only a mature, seductive, goof ball of a 19 year old college kid can do. I am surprised he ever gave me a second look but I thank God every day that he did.
2) do you have a nickname? how did you get it? Susie Q, (Remember Credeence Clearwater? Aw come on. I am not the only one who remembers am I?) Susie, Sunshine (which Bill calls me but I am daft to know why. Sunshine I definitely ain't all too often!), Sue Ellen (only my Mother and my buddy T ever call me that. When we lived in Texas , the series Dallas was in it's hey day. If I had heard one more witty person ask me for JR's whereabouts I would have blown. Pop!), Sussudio (Uh huh, thanks Phil Collins) and the ever popular Soup. Uh huh, as in Campbell's Chicken and Noodle. My daughter actually thought this was my name. Daddy was Bill, Brother was Dan but Mom was a can of soup. It became quite the family joke. "Mornin' Soup, how's the Mushroom look today?" "Tell the Campbell's people hello for me." "Ever think about your ex love, Crackers?" Yeah, yeah. I live with a bunch of comedians.
3) what friend have you know the longest and why have you been friends so long? I have been lucky enough to have several dear and special women who still put up with me, still stand by me even when I am difficult, annoying, troublesome and downright irritating. Since grade school and high school. They still like me. Don't get it! Why are we all still friends? Because I absolutely adore them, respect them and love them to pieces. Why do they still like me? I guess they just must be stubborn.
4) what goals are you working on right now? I am trying to learn more about photography and doing some writing every day. I want to improve at both and, perhaps do something with one or both professionally. Just in case this whole Dennehy's leading lady thing doesn't pan out. Gotta have something to fall back on beside the domestic goddess gig.
5) early bird or night owl? why? Is it possible to be neither? I was always a night owl but I seem to need more sleep these days. I also love being up early so I can spend more time with my kids and get more done around the house before we head out the door. I have definitely been an early bird of late. Have not caught any worms though....still workin' on that end of it. Still, there is something rather yummy about sitting on the couch, after everyone has gone to sleep, watching a movie or Letterman and writing a bit. So, there you have it. My answer. Or not. I am a night owl who loves to fly with the early birds looking for those proverbial worms.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Susie, you are so fun. I love the way you write. I bet you talk just like you write.

Your list answers are great. And what a great story of how you and Bill met.

Thanks for sharing.

Valerie said...

wonderful!! even better than i imagined!! thanks for playing, i loved the answers!

Pamela said...

Dawn is correct... I think I hear your voice when I'm reading -- the giggles and all the other nuances that you would add to each sentence