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Friday, August 24, 2007

Are You Ready To Rock?

Bunnies?? Bunnies?? I LOVE Bunnies! But why are they so furious? Your Band Name is:
The Furious Bunnies


Diane J. said...

Your band name doesn't sound that bad at all after seeing mine: The Free Range Masochists, LOL! ;D

Thanks for dropping by to visit. I've seen you around the blogosphere but I don't believe we've ever "met". Feel free to visit again anytime. And we share some really nice friends. ;-)



Sugar Bear said...

I tried this and got The Flying Zookeepers! Huh?

TK Angels said...

Great I'm a Fishy Monk. Yours matches-mine? Ummm

Take care,

Rosemary said...

It wouldn't let me do it.
It had some other thing over it, and I couldn't get rid of it.

Pamela said...

The Virgin Puppets... is my band

(Still in the package I assume)

Melissa said...

Ha ha - I often wonder how bands come up with their names. My sister has a friend named Fletch, who plays music. Once she said "I'm going to see my friend Fletch play tonight." I didn't know at the time that Fletch was her friend's name, but I told her that "My Friend Fletch" would be a great band name!