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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Remind Me Again Why I Love Lists....

Just what do Twizzlers and Ken Burns have in common?
Our Cheryl had another Random Tuesday post (On TUESDAY! Imagine!) and listed 8 *Random* facts about herself. She challenged us all to do the same and I never back down from a challenge. Okay, I never back down from a LIST challenge. If said challenge involves fisticuffs, I run away screaming like a little girl. But that is another matter, without any further ado (Just what IS an ado anyhoo?), here is my list of 8 Random Facts. 1. I am entirely far too attached to my collections. There. I said it. I should pare down, give away, flush, barter and otherwise get rid of many of them but I can not do it. Nope. I love each and every piece in each and every collection. The Pixar film stuff, the teddy bears, the Blue and White china, the roosters, the British Royal Family paraphernalia, the pottery, the decorating books, the tea cups, the CDs, the DVDs, the film posters, the rabbit collectibles, the Susie Q Brian Dennehy Museum and Speedy Tractor Lube Artifacts that, in number, are fast approaching Smithsonian sized proportions....oh. And L.A.M.P.S. I have a lot of them but you knew that already. Does anyone have the telephone number for Collectors Anonymous? 2. I have become terribly forgetful. Be it age, menopause, an all too busy schedule, being overly excited about the Disney Channel Debut of High School Musical 2, whatever. I forget. I forget to take things where they need to be taken or what time I need to be somewhere or to turn off the sprinkler on the front lawn (The Water Company has sent me a lovely thank you note however!). I DO have a very nice date book which is meticulously maintained and contains all the necessary information to keep me on time and well prepared. If only I could just remember to USE it. Now, where was I going with this? I forget. 3. I love children. I love the way they think, talk, walk, smile, sing, paint, fuss, yell, play, create, imagine, dance and love. I AM a big child truth be told. I have no idea who that lady is who appears in my bathroom mirror every morning. It can NOT be me. I am much too young and child like. That is childLIKE. NOT childISH. But then again, I can be childISH. But I forget why. 4. I adore documentaries. I think Ken Burns is a genius. I could sit and watch his work, totally spellbound, for days on end. The music, the voices, the photos and film...glorious. I actually remember each and every one I have seen...almost word for word. See? I CAN remember some things! 5. I love Twizzlers. Bill thinks eating them is akin to chewing on candles. Oh he of little taste and knowledge. Twizzlers are delicious. They are low in fat. How many things can say that? I hear they are really good for improving memory. At least that is what I tell myself when I remember to. 6. I could live on soup if need be. I love soup. Egg Drop. Minestrone. Mushroom. Corn Chowder. Chicken Tortilla. Chicken Noodle. Roasted Butternut Squash. Bok Choy and Tofu. Really! It is soooo good. Does anyone know if it helps to improve one's memory? Have I already asked that question? 7. I LOVE Autumn. I am at my best in the Fall. I adore every single thing about this season. The colors, the smells, the crisp, refreshing air, the holidays, the football, the sweaters. I LOVE sweaters. And I truly do not mind that it is but one step away from Winter. I like Winter. So sue me! I will just forget you did anyhoo. 8. I talk to *things*. I talk to my car. "Good morning Olympia. How are you today Olympia?" I talk to my computer...okay, I YELL at it, beg it, plead with it. I talk to my jeans..."What is WRONG with you! Why do you keep shrinking?" I talk to my blender, my coffee maker, my washing machine. I even talk to my bathtub. It is rare that any of them speak back to me although the coffee maker does have a lovely speaking voice. But I forget what it sounds like. I think I will go make some coffee..... See you all later. Have a sweet day now ya hear?
~ Susie Q


TK Angels said...

I didn't know you loved Twizzers. Ummm

Take care,
LOve, Terri

I knew the others *smile*

Jen said...

it's okay that you talk to things....but if those things begin to talk back to you, then we've got some issues to work on!!

smilnsigh said...

"so, without any further ado (Just what IS an ado anyhoo?"

Yeah! What is an ADO anyway?!? Did anyone ever see one? Did anyone ever hold one? Did anyone ever fall in love with one?

Harrrumph! We've all had the wool pulled over our eyes for way too long, about this ADO business. I say... REVOLT!

No more about "without any further ado's"! Take back our "Ado Space"! Reclaim it for something more meaningful! Like what, you ask...

Don't you worry, I'll eventually think of something.

And so, without any further chit chat about ADO'S ~~ I close this silly, silly comment.

Mari-Nanci ^_^

Dawn Bibbs said...

OH MY GOODNESS...I LOVE Twizzlers!!! But, who's Ken Burns???

Kari said...

Loved your 8! I, too, am an Autumn nut. Well, not NUT as in acorn or pecan or walnut - you know what I mean, right? Yeah. I, too. suffer (and I DO.MEAN.SUFFER.)from menopause and all its components. I'm also forgetful. Very forgetful. I'm lucky I can find my computer every day. That trail of breadcrumbs (and muffin crumbs, and candy crumbs and flamin' hot cheeto crumbs, etc., etc., etc.,) probably help to guide me, though. And I like winter. You heard right. I like winter. Glad someone else does, too. We are, apparently, a minority however. I don't get the bad attitude that a little love of winter can produce in a crowd of people. Some people just don't know how to enjoy a good snow angel, know what I mean? Guess I'll stop blogging on your blog. I've pretty much forgotten what I meant to say anyway. Hope I can find my way back to my own blog.

justabeachkat said...

I loved reading this. It's always fun to learn a little bit more about each other.


Dawn Bibbs said...

Alright, I STILL don't know who Ken Burns is. However, I DO still love Twizzlers. Marque also thinks they are like chewing on a ball of wax...what does he know? He said something else about them too...but like you, I don't remember things too well. You know, they say the memory is the 2nd thing to go. Can't remember for the life of me what the 1st thing is...LOL.

By the way, I talk to things too. "Don't I computer??" Nothin....