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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Crossville, Tennessee...127 Corridor Sale

We visited the town where my parents lived for 27 years....Crossville, Tennessee. They moved here, from Dayton, when my folks retired. They loved it here, loved their friends, loved the life they made in Middle Tennessee. My Dad is buried here and many of my parent's friends remain. We visited each one, had some lovely meals sprinkled with laughter, great conversation and memories shared. For those of you who frequent flea markets and yard sales, you may well know about the Highway 127 Corridor Sale. The sale spans 630 miles and 5 states and runs directly through Crossville. It happens every August and will even be featured on HGTV this coming Tuesday morning at 11 am. Our hotel was filled to capacity with shoppers from all over the US. It is always a lot of fun! I did not have too much time to browse but did come home with a sweet new bird bath for our front yard!


T*mmy said...

I have heard of this yard sale...I've never been though!
Did you sip some sweet tea while with your TN folk?

LisaOceandreamer said...

I've seen this giant yard sale featured before and dreamed of going armed with a uhaul. LOL! DANGER DANGER!

How sweet for you and your Mom and Grace to visit their old friends, share more memories!


Carolyn said...

Oh, sounds as if you two had a fun and sweet time visiting with family friends here. Am increasingly seeing what a special trip this was for you and Grace. Wonderful.

OK, this is amazing! I just heard about this sale for the first time yesterday while at a thrift shop in town! Now I have a vivid picture of it, literally. There are some sales that would get me back into crowds, and this could someday be one of them! LOL. What fun that you two got in on it, bird bath and all. Who needs the TV version, when we have you posting this great overview?! :-)

Mercy said...

Keep up the good work.