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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ramblings Of A Tired Mind AND Birthday Wishes!

Well, the wheezing is still there but it is better (IE...less noisy and bothersome to those around me!). I sound a bit like a recently opened can of Coca Cola when my mouth is agape! (And no! It is not ALWAYS in that position thank you very much. Hmpf.) But really! That is an improvement considering that Tuesday afternoon I sounded more like an episode of "Orange County Chopper"! Vroom, Vroom...every time I opened my mouth. Well, I guess it is true. I WILL do anything to be noticed. Now about that is all an illusion. Truely. Seriously! Besides, before I went to the ER, I visited my hair magician, er, stylist and was cut and highlighted. I mean, a gal has to have her priorities in place! An ER is always open and you can always get a spot but a seat with a great stylist in a nice salon?? Gold! Oh, and that ever present camera! I had it attached to my purse strap and it was there...sooo...hey! A career in photo journalism needs to start somewhere! Today, myself in an ER, tomorrow, The White House...the Kremlin...riots, floods...or, maybe just children's birthday parties. Don't laugh. They can be scarier than a good old fashioned riot! I mean, think about it. 15 sugar crazed 4 year olds armed with frosted cake slices, open cups of punch and teeth. Sharp, little, primary teeth. Ooh...I think I just frightened myself. Now, it is late and I am just now able to hop on here and send a greeting to dear Jen. It was her birthday on Wednesday. Technically, it is now very early on Thursday but let's pretend I hadn't dawdled doing the laundry and had gotten this posted BEFORE midnight! Okay? Sooo..without any further ado...just what is an ado anyway?
Happy Birthday dear Jen, you deserve all the best...
Let's hope that this poem does not rank me a pest.
Never fear getting older, tis a fact that is true...
Just remember that you are still younger than Sue.
We all love you and think that you sure are real keen...
In fact in New Jersey, you're THE scrapbookin' Queen!
You stamp lots of rubber, makin' cards every week...
And we hear that your dear son thinks Santa's a freak!
So blow out those candles and sniff those sweet roses...
Enjoy your day from your head to your toeses.
Happy Birthday Jen!!


Jen said...

Okay that poem is sooo funny!
I'm saving it, thanks so much

Continue to feel better :)
Don't smoke anything in the mean time, lol

wendy said...

Glad you are feeling better. I love your blog, hope to get more time to ramble soon! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, the picture was a cheat, it was last years ha ha!! I am really not that organized at all!\
Blessings ;-}