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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another Birthday To Celebrate...

As I was posting my wishes to Jen, it dawned on me that I had neglected to post about another special birthday baby. Actually, I HAD been thinking about him this week! Tyler is the grandson of 2 very dear friends. He was born way too early and with every imaginable thing wrong. This tiny baby endured so much but was loved so well. He is truly a miracle and at this very special time of year, it is nice to remember that prayer works! Thank you God for Tyler! So little man...happy 6th birthday!


TK Angels said...

Of course, thanks Sue for posting about Tyler. He sure is our miracle child and prayers work. He had so many people praying for him and now he is a healthy 6 year old boy who loves Star Wars, having a real toolbox with grandpa and has a girlfriend named Jena. You were there for me with all my phone calls. Before his birth and after.
Thanks to you and Bill for being one of our best friends.
Terri and Rick

Jen said...

What a great day to be born Tyler :)
Hope you had a great day!!
Woo Hoo, got a girlfriend already eh? LOL