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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Gosh But I Love The Holidays!

One of the things that I love best about the Christmas holidays is that we always get together with our friends and family. A LOT! It is a mardi gras of lunches and dinners and sharing and talking and laughing with so many friends and our families...
Today we met our dear buddies Terri and Rick for lunch. Good food, good chatter and lots of smiles. As you can see, Grace and Terri like each other just a little bit!
Terri filled a wonderful basket with goodies, sweet angel things and her handmade candles for us. Everything was wrapped up so pretty in a neat Americana basket! Very special...just like her!
After lunch we headed back home and picked up one of our four legged sons. Kipper LOVES going to Grandma's and we were all invited for dinner. We ran a few errands, took a little drive and then headed to Mom's.
My brother, sis in law and The Booman were there too. More great food, laughs and chatter.
I think that Grace ate enough for 4 girls her age! She loves her Grandma's cookin' that's for sure!
This is our Kipper helping Bill drive "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go!" Okay, so it's more like "down the interstate and around the condos" but you get the idea don't ya? Mom has the cutest Santa and Mrs. Claus set and Boo thinks they are pretty keen. He always brings them into the family room with us. He set them up in his Grandma's chair & I caught him giving Mrs. C. *the eye*!
A happy Kip
Mom's doggie, Abby. She is so sweet and loves Kip. They are great friends.

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