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Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Little Of This, That And The Other Cold Thing

I know what you are thinking. Maybe not but *I would be thinking, "Why is she posting a picture of sand and beaches when she should be posting her Christmas tree?" Okay, here is the answer. First, it is COLD. Windy with a sub zero wind chill. Numbing cold. I was just thinking about sitting on this beach last Summer and it made me smile. The footprints are Bill's and Grace's. I was following just behind and really enjoying watching them talk, hold hands and act silly. And it was waaaarrrrmmmm. Breezy and warm.
The answer to that second question is even more simple. No tree pictures because it is not quite finished! My head is hanging in shame. I blame the frigid temperatures. Could not be MY fault. Nope. It's the cold.
Okay. It is cold. Really cold. I am not kidding! COLD! I was freezing all day. Just could not get warm to save my life. Brrr...I am going to head off to bed in a minute (or 30) to snuggle with the dog and cat and layers o'quilts (I MISS BILL!) and hope I get nice and warm! And all this from a woman who actually LIKES Winter. I DO! But I am STILL cold. Really.
We had our first real snowfall. Not a lot to measure but gee did it mess with the morning rush and then some. I had to head out early to take my nephew to his pre school. It was my day to do that and I LOVE that time with him. Of course, today it all took a lot longer to go anywhere. I can't complain though. So many accidents today and I did just family and friends did fine too. So, no complainin' out of me. Well, maybe just a smidge.
Grace LOVED it. She was so excited and made me promise that she could play in it this afternoon. Now, to you and me it did not look like enough to play in. To her, it was a veritable snow mardi gras! She made a snow person that, and I am guesstimating here, was about 2 inches tall. Oh yeah, she was happy! The kid just gets more out of life than most! Give her a little snow, a pink hat and some art supplies and she is in la la land!
Grace had a special sewing class this evening at her instructor's home. She lives in a wonderful old farm house and has the greatest studio. The girls had the best time, almost as much as I did just watching them. Her teacher is a super lady and as patient a person as can be. She was a pediatric nurse for years and her skill with children is something sweet to see.
Have I mentioned it is COLD? Um, was that complaining? Yep, I guess so. Gee, I have to quit doing that! But the wind chill is 0. Feel sorry for me yet? Hmm...nah. I wouldn't either!
Today is the 65th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. So many lives lost that day. Some were friends of my Dad's...
I have such an interest in WW II history and it's effect on the lives of American's, German's, the Japanese, the Italian's, French...all those involved. Those who fought, those who were persecuted, those who grew up during those years, families just trying to live their lives amid chaos...those whose lives were forever marked by that war.
I am thinking about them all tonight.
Sleep well...stay well. See you tomorrow.


Valerie said...

i would so rather be cold than hot...and this coming from a girl who could spend Christmas day at the beach quite comfortably.

don't hate me.

Jen said...

Your DD is so cute!

I took pictures of my children's footprints in the sand this past summer and even did a layout of my youngest called "footprints in the sand"

Jen said...

Oh and it's COLD here in NJ too. 19 degrees with whipping winds and I cannot imagine what the chill factor is!

Susie Q said...

Oh no Val! I agree. If given the choice, I would choose cold over hot. I so well remember when we were in China. It was September and the heat was just stifling. I doubt that I have ever sweat that much in my life. How I would have liked a nice wind chill below zero at that point! : )

And HOW could I ever hate you?! : )

I was thinking about you too Jen! I know it is mighty chilly there also. Well, most everywhere! Supposed to warm up to the normal range this weekend and stay that way for awhile!

I bet your footprints picture layout was wonderful!

Teresa said...

Hi Susie Q, I finally made it.... You have a wonderful blog, you seem so full of life.... Your children are precious.... Thanks for sharing.... I will be a regular here too.... I love the picture of Grace and Bill on the beach, Make me want it to be warmer.... I'm in SE Texas and it is cold here too. We never got above 45 today with a low of 28 with a windchill in the single digits....Burr, we also have a hard freeze warning for tonight... We will be sure to have the fireplace lite tonight. Till next time, your new blogger friend, Teresa

Jolene George said...

I don't like to be hurts. :o) I would so love to go to the beach. I've only seen the ocean 3 times. Love your pictures Sue. It's in the 70s here...a bit too warm for me.

Andi said...

Greetings from Sunny Florida!!! Okay, I just had to say that!!! It was actually a little chilly here today.

I always think of the WWII Vets on December 7th as well. We have so many freedoms because of them. My Dad served in Navy in the South Pacific during that war. He was the most wonderful man and the Best Dad ever!!!