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Monday, December 18, 2006

Sue's Heartfelt Thanks!

To all the Blog-spotters: Sue tried to post earlier today and the computer "ate her trons." So, for a quick update, she's feeling better, and will get a breathing treatment tomorrow should she not feel MUCH better. Your care, concern and kind words mean more to her than you can imagine. She thanks you and I thank you. And now, I have a boss to go and annoy....... Cheers, Bill


Valerie said...

thanks Bill! you're keeping us informed!

Jolene George said...

Thanks for the update Bill. You go take care of that sweet wife of yours. :o)

RaNae said...

What a sweetie you are for letting us know and Sue glad your feeling better.

Missy's Blog said...

Bill ... thank you for letting us know Sue is feeling better. You have one amazing wife and it's obvious you are one amazing husband!! I know your family is very much looking for arrival for the holidays!! Be safe ... and enjoy your family!